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Tennessee Backroads

My first real full-day wandering since October.

If you didn’t grow up on country roads you may not get the connection, the intrigue, the charm, and the suspense!

About 15 years ago I discovered an old building that turned out to house the best bar-B-cue ever, it became a preferred destination for the delicious fare.

Then…..I made the trek one afternoon only to find a burned-out heap of history.
Time passed and it became a memory….until now…yesterday I decided to make the drive on my way to another local town with history, more about that in another post.

Rounding the curve was a beautiful site and aroma!

Built back beautifully, not the landmark it was, but a great replacement…same family, same recipes, same fabulous atmosphere…same taste!
A bonus this trip, across the road sits a new and most delicious bakery!

Sourdough bread, clean-non-GMO items for gifting, delightful hand-carved wooden bowls, and other kitchen goodies.

I am delighted to have a favorite back on the map!

107 Dellrose RD.
Dellrose, TN. 38453

(2) Corner Pit BBQ | Tennessee Crossroads | Episode 2839.1 – YouTube

food      dellrose
























Disclaimer~In no way is this meant to exclude anyone, just my personal tribute to my son.

As I traveled to and from my grandson’s Pinning Ceremony recently (RN-Nursing-program/Bevill State Community College) my mind kept returning to another little red-haired boy and his zeal for life. Like father like son.

Watching my son’s face yesterday, watching his son celebrate a big hurdle, was a moment I’ll hold in my heart forever.
Knowing my son’s hurdles, the mountains he has climbed, and the valleys he has walked, the outstanding accomplishments he has made in the journey of being a man and a Dad.
No words can paint the picture.

The bond I saw in that swift moment will remain forever, this I know.

Just as the bond with his dad has done.

My love and respect will also remain forever.

Thank you Randy Wayne England

The most beautiful baby boy ever!
A kick the flood lights out “drummer!!
Retired USN Honorable Servant to his country!
A Dad to his sons that outshines it all.



Another hard rain with a semi-nasty- little- storm this Saturday afternoon!
Bringing the temps down again…Coffee on the porch was comfortable and good!


Why not, bake a cake? So I did!

Happy birthday to Jack and Randy. (May and July) Love you beyond words!

August kicks off a month of celebrations in my family.

Birthdays—- lights up the month of August—Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

Sage Hill Farms’ ground-breaking was in August of 2003. Happy birthday Sage Hill—what a journey!

Lizzy, Tommy, (deceased) Bea, Ginger, Janet & Johnny, Cody, George,(deceased) Michelle.

This cake is known as our ‘Family Cake’ I’ve been making it since my sons were 2 and 4.
The batter is Apricot/Lemon—the glaze is usually lemon but has been known to be chocolate from time to time.
Either way, it’s better than good! ( Ingredients have been manipulated to a healthier version than the original.)

Did I miss anyone?

I know that once the flow is interrupted, things never quite find that same balance as before.

We’re all adjusting to adjusting I think.

Many things are different for my family this year.

I’m living in gratitude for what is.

A few highlights from our Independence Day weekend. Different, but awesome!
We all communicated over the weekend even though many from afar!

(a new project building in my mind…a family compound!)

A few highlights.

I noticed little things more and more.
4th  4th

family  4th

Fireworks  4t
(the flag) From my Beach Bum niece/living the life in her sunny happy place!
Now, the activity of the moment is over, all is quiet…. except the beautiful fireworks playing out all around Sage Hill…haha…define quiet!

Just me, fresh coffee and fresh-made blueberry bread…tomorrow awaits!

God Bless America, Land That I love~


John Adams wrote a letter to his wife about how memorable Independence Day would be in American History.

He said,” the day should be celebrated with parades, bonfires, and fireworks…and so it is!

…but he thought it was celebrated on the wrong day.
In fact, he was known to turn down invitations to 4th of July celebrations in protest.
In his correspondence to his wife, Abigail Adams, he only referred to Independence day as July 2nd.

Do you know?

‘The Pennsylvania Evening Post’ was the first newspaper to print the Declaration.
Meanwhile, back at the homestead!

It’s a hot July, patriotic kind of day.

The gardens got water in the early AM…albeit the commercial kind! It works in a pinch…

Red Sauce/pasta sauce was/is the Bliss of the day…about 8 quarts simmering on the stove.
(You know, the longer it simmers, the better it tastes! About 6 hours will do it.)

Red Sauce

This Independence Day, like no other, we will celebrate and enjoy with food…from backyard cookouts with smoke and heat to the coolness of a riverbank with a picnic lunch.

Those who are keenly aware of the encroaching dangers will not take the day or the food for granted.

Yes, we will celebrate, voice our gratitude and commit to the work that is required to assure our grandchildren/and yours will celebrate Independence Day in the Freedom that is …

sisters    tree

The Cross

That Brandon…he’s everywhere, keeping the rhythm alive!

I recently made a trip south to have some holiday time with family members who will not be coming this way during the Christmas celebrations.

Cruising down 31 South I spent some time behind a big ole 18 wheeler truck sporting a bright  “Go Brandon!” banner across the back.
Made my heart sing!  We Wish You A Merry Christmas, God Bless America, and a host of other Freedom songs.

I saw the USA Flag flying in all the right places!

I saw Christmas decorations bright and shining and inviting…..

I felt the Spirit of Christmas in Foley, Alabama.

Arrived at my hotel and was greeted by friendly, maskless host, everything was open, and again…welcoming.

Arrived at my niece’s home to find gorgeous trees welcoming us, the back porch, the bedrooms, the family room…pretty trees.
The beachy tree got my attention…impressive…sea shells, starfish, cool blue ornaments that almost swayed if you watched closely! (the only thing missing was Spongecake!)
Never fret, there was cake…
The weather…it was beachy also!  The high 70s…felt fabulous!
Someone said they saw Santa surfing??

We lived on the beachside of the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 40 years, so I am no stranger to sand, sun, salt water, and good fishing…..(some of us are still there)

This visit was about 80 miles from our Mississippi home ground.
It’s good to belong to more than one “home.”

Always good to be welcomed by family…we have the best!

A very good review by another visitor.
Yes, we all have plans to return, again and again.

Whether you have sunshine or drifts of snow, Christmas is Christmas, the largest birthday celebration on earthy. Rejoice!



Livingston, Tennessee- plan a trip and I’ll meet you there!  Once is not enough!

Two hours from Sage Hill (base of the Cumberland Plateau)  Livingston is in the Upper Cumberland, gorgeous country, rich history, thriving town and friendly folks!

The original Overton County Courthouse was burned by guerrillas during the Civil War to cover up evidence of pro-Confederate acts, and was rebuilt ca.1868

History Bite…Dec.22,1961-An American soldier was killed in an ambush at a military airfield in Southeast Asia (Vietnam) for many years he was considered to be the first American to die in that war. That is questionable now and for another time.
However, Davis is a hero and holds a special place on the Courthouse grounds and the hearts of Overton County folks.

Sweet sorgum and molasses are among our favorite health foods…the best can be found in Muddy Pond, a delightful Mennonite community. Awesome!

History Bite…This was a surprise to me. Overton County is one of Tennessee’s top counties for oil and natural gas production.

If you are a hiker…Standing Stone State Park is a few steps away, and if you are a marble player, they have the 38th annual National Rolley Hole Marbles Championship coming up this next weekend I think.

I was impressed with all the fun things to do and the history of course is my first love.

So much to see and learn…so little time! But, we try!

My desire to pack a bag and roam never wanes!

I won’t bore you with the reasons why not over the past year, we’ve all experienced the same game.

My summer coming up will be quite different from the previous one….ready or not, the choice is mine.

This past Tuesday was a sample run…took me north into the neighboring 3 counties. Saw a lot of spring activity, fields greening, fields plowed under, and fresh, rich dirt gleaming in the sunshine.

Made a special stop at my favorite nursery for things I don’t or can’t grow from seed. River View is located at Thompson Station… a huge place and all the plants are grown there and from Non-GMO seed.

I came home with 12 Azalea shrubs, perennial salvia, and Sea Salt hand-soap!
Oh, and 8 bags of Raised Bed Soil blend…good thing I drive a Jeep!

Mealhouse love Dessert done right!

Saw some old friends and sat on a bench and chatted for a while…a marvelous treat!

By now I was getting hungry, with a late breakfast I had passed on lunch, early dinner was sounding good.

Two choices…come home and cook, or…Marcy Jo’s is 20 minutes from Sage Hill…right on my route….Marcy Jo’s it was.

This quaint little place has an old history, more recent history, and a much bigger story and purpose.

Gifted and gracious people, making it count!







A very British Affair…

A lovely invitation arrived in my inbox a few days ago.

Brunch at noon
Poppy And Parliament

(History of Twickenham)


Just let me say…we are all good food critics/cooks in this family…so dining out can be a challenge!

I could not have been more pleased, the welcome, the service, the food, the coffee, and the atmosphere was spot on!

Smoked Salmon on dark Soda bread with Chive scrambled eggs…perfection!

Randy and Michelle shared breakfast for two….sausage, bacon, potato rounds, baked beans, Black & White puddings, sauced mushrooms, (amazing!)

Now, the trip from home to the location was only about 45 minutes, however, it takes me through a section of Huntsville I have not visited in 2 years…..through the A&M Campus/ parts of Old Town that still has vintage charm.

I was disappointed to see one of my favorite Farm Market Retail stores had closed the doors.

But, an old and popular Meat and Seafood spot is still thriving. Rockets-Meat and Seafood Market.

A lovely outing with my family…what could be better!

Blessed and Grateful~