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Disclaimer~In no way is this meant to exclude anyone, just my personal tribute to my son.

As I traveled to and from my grandson’s Pinning Ceremony recently (RN-Nursing-program/Bevill State Community College) my mind kept returning to another little red-haired boy and his zeal for life. Like father like son.

Watching my son’s face yesterday, watching his son celebrate a big hurdle, was a moment I’ll hold in my heart forever.
Knowing my son’s hurdles, the mountains he has climbed, and the valleys he has walked, the outstanding accomplishments he has made in the journey of being a man and a Dad.
No words can paint the picture.

The bond I saw in that swift moment will remain forever, this I know.

Just as the bond with his dad has done.

My love and respect will also remain forever.

Thank you Randy Wayne England

The most beautiful baby boy ever!
A kick the flood lights out “drummer!!
Retired USN Honorable Servant to his country!
A Dad to his sons that outshines it all.