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Sage Hill Gardens – A Sustainable Project

The Gatekeepers at Sage Hill Gardens are drawing from generations of family farming practices to build and maintain a sustainable homestead. Through the commitment of using resources wisely, doing no harm in the process, and giving back more than we take…leaving a better legacy for the next and future generations.

We invite you to explore our site for information about sustainable farming practices, safe healthy eating choices, blog entries, recipes, and more!


Sage Hill Gardens-A Sense of History-Edition#51

September 21-2023 ~ Good Evening from Sage Hill. From Garden To Table-My Mother's Table! When I allow my mind to return to my childhood, and stay for dinner, the kitchen gets interesting. My Mother's table- Pinto beans, Fried…

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Bloggin’ From Sage Hill-Edition# 29

The price we pay for healthy food. (Sage Hill food is grown without any pesticide/herbicide/and with non-GMO seed (heirlooms) Versus Organic from the grocery shelves....yes, most have some pesticide, herbicide, and fertilization...albeit it…

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Bloggin’ from Sage Hill-Edition# 27—-7/17/22

The weekend is coming to a close, mine was family-oriented, the best kind! Good chat with my son, visit with sister #3, she just sold her big house and settled into a lovely condo, which started my wheels turning!?? I made blueberry syrup,…

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Bloggin’ From Sage Hill-Edition# 30

Woo-Hoo it's Friday night! If you think I'm out kicking up my heels and having'd be wrong! I was in the kitchen until 9 PM processing apples! Unusual for me and not a pending habit I assure you! I think all the garden tenants…

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Our Mission Statement:

  • To produce chemical-free foods by using organic, approved products to enrich and sustain our soil.
  • Through composting and cover cropping, nature can and does supply us with needed elements to meet our goals.
  • Our aim is to leave a better legacy for the next and all future generations to build on.