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A Little Bit About Bea

Born into a generational farm family, raised on a farm, and educated in Alabama and Mississippi schools.

Ongoing education in Early Childhood courses from 1975-2000. With Business and Horticulture being subjects of ongoing studies as an outside interest.

Mother of two successful sons, grandmother of three grandsons. Member of a large closely connected family.

Bea Rigsby Kunz

During the years of raising a family – Bea was appointed by ‘Mayor Jack Barnett (Gulfport, Ms) to spearhead and follow through on a Community Development project to revitalize a local area that was neglected and run-down.

Bringing this to successful fruition between the years 1974-1978 Bea was awarded a Community Development plague which hung in the City Hall building for many years.


Bea served at the local and state level of Parent-Teacher Associations from 1974-76.  Bea Rigsby Kunz

Bea owned, operated, the “BusyBee Pre-school/Day Care.” in Harrison County, Mississippi, and 1996-2000 in North Carolina.

The last two years of teaching she/her school were chosen through the NC Board of daycare educators to host a new program–integrating a totally deaf child into the regular classroom by way of using the Cochlear Implant ( at the time, untested in-classroom use. ) The project was a total success and the child remained in her school for 2 years.

Dealer in Antiques from 1993-present-Focus on furniture and Vintage jewelry.

Owner at ‘Sage Hill Herb Farms” a chemical-free family farm project, specializing in Culinary and Medicinal herbs for market. 2003-2018.

Bea Rigsby KunzFrom 2003-2004 Bea worked and studied under the direction of Janet Green, Master Gardner, and Herbalist and owner of the Sleepy Owl Herb Farm in Flintville, Tn.

Come 2018 all retail/commercial products were retired.  Sage Hill is now a for family and personal enjoyment project. Growing, sharing, teaching and travel.

Bea serves as’ The Earth Wise Editor’ and was honored with a Lifetime Membership at ‘WE Magazine,’ located in Pembroke, FL, and on the Internet from 2004-present.


Beginning in 2018 Bea launched an online membership program as a personal/private coach to those seeking better health through better food understanding and lifestyle management.

This is the “Healthy After Classroom” that will come to this website soon. 

In the Meantime . . .

Call Bea or contact her on Facebook about Coaching and Membership to “Healthy Chatter.”

The Road to Looking Good and Feeling Good!

Bea Rigsby Kunz

Bea's Bee