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I know that once the flow is interrupted, things never quite find that same balance as before.

We’re all adjusting to adjusting I think.

Many things are different for my family this year.

I’m living in gratitude for what is.

A few highlights from our Independence Day weekend. Different, but awesome!
We all communicated over the weekend even though many from afar!

(a new project building in my mind…a family compound!)

A few highlights.

I noticed little things more and more.
4th  4th

family  4th

Fireworks  4t
(the flag) From my Beach Bum niece/living the life in her sunny happy place!
Now, the activity of the moment is over, all is quiet…. except the beautiful fireworks playing out all around Sage Hill…haha…define quiet!

Just me, fresh coffee and fresh-made blueberry bread…tomorrow awaits!

God Bless America, Land That I love~