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Livingston, Tennessee- plan a trip and I’ll meet you there!  Once is not enough!

Two hours from Sage Hill (base of the Cumberland Plateau)  Livingston is in the Upper Cumberland, gorgeous country, rich history, thriving town and friendly folks!

The original Overton County Courthouse was burned by guerrillas during the Civil War to cover up evidence of pro-Confederate acts, and was rebuilt ca.1868

History Bite…Dec.22,1961-An American soldier was killed in an ambush at a military airfield in Southeast Asia (Vietnam) for many years he was considered to be the first American to die in that war. That is questionable now and for another time.
However, Davis is a hero and holds a special place on the Courthouse grounds and the hearts of Overton County folks.

Sweet sorgum and molasses are among our favorite health foods…the best can be found in Muddy Pond, a delightful Mennonite community. Awesome!

History Bite…This was a surprise to me. Overton County is one of Tennessee’s top counties for oil and natural gas production.

If you are a hiker…Standing Stone State Park is a few steps away, and if you are a marble player, they have the 38th annual National Rolley Hole Marbles Championship coming up this next weekend I think.

I was impressed with all the fun things to do and the history of course is my first love.

So much to see and learn…so little time! But, we try!

6 Replies to “Road Bloggin #11 Meet Me In Livingston”

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    What an interesting and inviting story you weave Bea! Makes me want to head right on over! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you Michael. It was really a very nice and interesting town…super clean and inviting for sure!

    Thanks for taking time to read and respond.


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    History that hasn’t been erased. Thanks for sharing Bea. Love these historical places.

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      Thank you Paul.

      I know there are many more places untouched…we just don’t hear about them until they become a target.

      Thanks my dear and long time awesome friend!

      Stay well!

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    Lovin’ your colorful road bloggin stories, Bea. It’s a bit like being there, but not quite. I need to join you sometime. I share your interest in the history in these small TN towns (or where ever the road leads you) and love the food critiquing, as well. Mostly, I’m happy my Sis is having fun!

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      Thank you Judy Pink. Yes! On joining me!

      Perhaps a week-long road trip somewhere between here and Sarasota?

      Thanks for your sweet sentiments.
      I have this urge to keep doing, no matter what! So, I do.