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One can cover many miles and cross many county lines, all while soaking up the serenity of “the backroads.”

The winding curves, ridges, dips, coves, and hollows are all minutes away from some quaint little town with a rich and interesting history.

Lynchburg was our first stop. (1801)
The home to Jack Daniels Whiskey. A long and winding history that has survived the test of time.(1866) The first registered distillery within the US.
(for many years now, owned by the Brown and Forman group.)
I have,  for many years admired the way it was preserved, and on the face of it, most won’t notice until it’s too late, but change is happening and it isn’t pretty.
But for now, go, soak up the charm, and if you are hungry, look around, choices are plentiful. It’s all as good as the next one. You can’t make a bad choice!

We opted for Southern Perks, one of 2 best coffee choices around and too many great foods to list. (not your average coffee shop!) Five stars+!

Miss Mary BoBo’s, began in 1908 when Miss Mary assumed ownership of the historic Salmon Hotel.(built in the 1820s) It was built over a natural spring.
Miss Mary ran the boarding house until her death in 1983.One month shy of her 102nd birthday!
It sits on the National Register of Historic Places and was visited by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1940.

Lodge Cast iron cookware is Headquartered in South Pittsburg, TN, just a few curves and ridges away…happy to have them in Lynchburg also. (my favorite)

Always a surprise as to who one will run into in Lynchburg…this trip it was LSU fans and other Louisiana wanderers ! (nice tour bus)

The courthouse…love old courthouses! The craftsmanship is beyond words.

A few favorite spots.


On to the next stop, Tullahoma, TN., quaint with a commercial face that often overrides the treasure of uniqueness. ( chartered in 1852)
A major military history-worthy of the read.

Here you can find Aldi, Ollies, the best of medical resources (for what it’s worth) Arnold AF Base and…The Celtic Cup…(a jewel among the stones of Coffee Houses!)

The Celtic Cup Coffee House (

By this time I was tired and happy to take my celtic Cup and let the man behind Sage Hill Gardens do the driving!
(he thinks he is a better driver, depends on who you ask! Well, he did train under a badge, so maybe??? )

Life is good, generous, and worthy of the road time!  ( no matter who drives!)

The man behind Sage Hill gardens-hates FB and the camera?? a tough life…for him!
Lovely old house, beautifully restored inside and out.






September 21-2023
Good Evening from Sage Hill.

dinner FGT

From Garden To Table-My Mother’s Table!

When I allow my mind to return to my childhood, and stay for dinner, the kitchen gets interesting.

My Mother’s table-
Pinto beans, Fried Green Tomatoes, Whipped Potatoes, (straight from the ground) Cornbread in a black iron skillet, and a toss-up on dessert, anything from Apple pie, Peach pie, Blackberry cobbler, Coconut cake, Carmel cake, Raisin cake…mercy, and we were all skinny as rails.

The Table at Sage Hill-
Red Beans, Brown Rice, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Real French bread.
Blueberry Muffins with Lemon glaze.

I believe we still qualify for some level of skinny!

I love traveling down Memory Lane.

Pass the butter (the real stuff) please and thank you!

sunshine self


September 17, 2023

by: Bea Rigsby-Kunz

The pounding on the front door began just at sunrise.

No matter how many covers I pulled over my head it simply would not go away!

Down the stairs, opened the door and she came flooding in like rushing water through a broken levy.
The miracle we know as Sunshine!

Twenty minutes, that first cup of Sunday morning coffee, a chapter in a good book…fuel for the day.
If you have an interest this book is a powerful lesson in history, faith, and women who paved the way.

121 brief biographies of women who lived from the first century right into the present.
Names we know and names we have never heard, women born of high wealth and women born to poverty and obscurity.
Queens and peasants, noblewomen, and serving maids, all are outstanding servants in their devotion to Jesus Christ.
Copyright 1959 by Edith Deen

And now…for that second cup…liquid blessings!



WoW!  I am stunned at my own actions or lack of!

I have not been off of these grounds since May!
At least to no destination that was blog worthy or fitting.

With planting time, then harvest and preserving, family stuff, and honestly…the state of our country right now makes it hard to think “fun stuff!”

All work and no play is not a good thing!
So, today I put on my touring shoes and hit the road, my destination was…whatever, wherever gets my attention.
I didn’t get far up the road when it hit me…I was starving!

Well, if you know what is happening in our small town of Petersburg, then you know, it is hard to drive through and not stop in to see Miss Jean.
So I did! Soups, sandwiches, and fabulous desserts, everything has that special edge…gourmet!  Kinda has a Reto feel, but mostly clean, cool, and yummy!

I then spent almost 2 hours in great conversation with one of the shop owners/antiques (for real).
We discovered a lot of common ground, (beyond antiques) it was time beautifully spent.

I am delighted to see this little town coming to life again, it has an amazing history…more to see, do, and share as time passes…
jeans  a shop


Town History | Town of Petersburg | Petersburg, TN (

(2) Facebook

Memorial Day in snaps at Sage Hill.

Low key with times of prayer, reflections, and good food!

An un-inspected visitor and that is OK…

The grandson’s all working…and that’s OK
One is gardening and that makes me smile!

I sincerely hope your day was inspired!

Today was, because they were, willing to give ALL.
In Gratitude.
flag food~~food~~me~~flag~~flag

parents parents

Bill                me      (Ontheroadagain!)

May 20/21-2023

I never moved away from my roots.

My parents, my grandparents, my great-grandparents, and all the way back to the Eleventh century have worked beyond hard, farmed the land, and served this country through Her military branches.

I have no patience, respect, understanding, or liking for those who wish to destroy my heritage.
Decoration Day at our family cemeteries (we have 2) both in the month of May.

That is  how I spent my Saturday, a day before the actual event (which was today)
(a rain-soaked weekend/I opted for the best day and prayed) My prayers were heard and granted.
The rain stopped until we got the beautiful flowers in place. (Rosey Posey Flowers and Gifts) Double Springs, Al.
William Hinton has been designing our flowers for decades, The Best!

I prayed some more and the rain stopped until we had lunch and was almost home before it returned. Grateful and blessed!

Lakeshore Marina Bar and Grill serves up some mighty tasty options.

Fried Catfish and grilled asparagus made me happy!

PS: No rain at all today? Maybe I need to tweak some things! I am a work in progress!

Bea’s Golden Fruitcakes – This is not your yesterday’s fruitcake!

If you use organic ingredients in this recipe, it will be as healthy as a dessert can be. Low in fat, and calories are about 145 per slice.

Ingredients ~~~

6 cups finely chopped dried fruit-your choice — (apricots, apples, raisins, cherries, cranberries                                                                                                    and pears…mix as you like – all or one or two.)
1 ½ cups chopped walnuts
1 ¾ cups good brandy
½ cup unsalted butter (room temp)
¾ cups -packed- light brown sugar
3 large eggs-lightly beaten
1 – ½ cups All-Purpose flour (I use unbleached)
1 ½ tsp sea salt
¾ tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground cardamom
¼ tsp ground clove
½ cup apricot jam for topping (warmed)

Directions ~~~

In a large glass bowl, combine dried fruit, walnuts, and 1&¼ cups of brandy.

Cover with plastic wrap and let sit for 8 hours or all day-stir occasionally.

Cream butter and sugar in a large bowl using an electric mixer until light and fluffy.

Beat in eggs, one at a time- scraping the bowl down between additions.

In another bowl, whisk together the flour, salt, and spices.

On low speed, beat in the flour mixture in two additions – scraping the bowl in between.

Fold fruit mixture into batter.

Pre-heat oven to 300*

If using mini muffin pans drop one rounded Tbsp of batter into each tin (paper liners work well also.) For other size pans fill 2/3 full.

Bake until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean…about 25 to 30 minutes for mini tins, 5 to 10 minutes longer for larger pans.

**When using more than two pans in the oven at once-rotate them about halfway through the baking time.

Brush cakes with ½ cup of brandy when done. Transfer to a wire rack for cooling.

Store in the refrigerator, wrapped or covered well for up to a month.

Brush with warm apricot jam before serving.

Bea Rigsby Kunz
Sage Hill Gardens
[email protected]
Road Blogger of all things ‘Blissful~’
Another Road Trip to bookmark, return trips for sure.

Yes, there is a quaint country spot about 30 to 45 minutes from Sage Hill where one can feast on the best country cooking (with the flair of a fabulous Chef)
Enjoy delightful conversation with Beth (owner and woman in charge!)

Halls Mill Market, where the delicious food aromas greet you as soon as you exit your vehicle.
(I knew it was going to be a good day!)

The Burgers were beyond burgers!
Everything had that little bit of….Lagniappe!!

For all my peeps in Alabama and locally, if you love the river adventure….check out The Lucky Duck, and enjoy some fine food as a bonus.
871 Halls Mill Road
Shelbyville, Tn 37160

Canoeing and Kayaking on the Duck River.
One Hundred years and still going strong!

I love this place!
It has good vibes~

market  Lucky

river burgers

Beth market


lands end
Another great American-owned company…(all product info is easily found under the product.)


Today, Sunday-January 8-2023…Perfect day for a Day trip.

Dark, and rainy, cold but not brutal…it was doable!
But where….I tossed a few names into the hat (actually just a little glass bowl!) and drew….

Lynnville, Tennessee (population between 4 and 500, absolutely no traffic jams!
It is like going back to the 50s!

Home to the best pies in all the land-

Soda Pop Junction, the ultimate 50s burger spot since 1938.

World-renowned Col Littleton’s Leather Company (love this place!)

An old railroad town with artifacts that tell the story.

The drive from here to there is as pleasing as the destination.

Tags from Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana, and KY, good news travels afar!

soda pop iron horse

turkey train

train street

wine the past


When Dunkin Donuts is the highlight of your day trip…you just relax and drink up!

*The business was very nice, clean with a coffee bar/lounge kinda seating arrangement, helpful, and fun to chat with employees.
That is my first time ever being in a DD shop…hmmm.

You know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence?”
We’ve been lied to.
Fairview, TN., is a great little place to visit for a day, I would not wish to live there!
It is part of the Nashville metropolitan area, but leaves a lot at the city limits!

I did find a very good place to eat and a few little quaint shops.

The most interesting thing they have to offer is a 722 acre State Park, managed by the city…a super Nature center with a nice lake and really good hiking trails.
It is also very close to other areas I like a lot-Columbia, Brentwood, Spring Hill, and Thompson Station.
(not being critical, I’m sure there is much that I didn’t find, just not my kind of town.)

The beautiful church is at Thompson Station.

Farm Fresh is in Fairview, it is a bright spot among the rest.

It is also growing, with a lot of new residential areas, so other things will follow.

All in all, it was a good day trip, with good food, and my friend Angela will be pleased to know I discovered Dunkin Donut coffee!
Impressive, I like it, I even bought a full pound to bring home…and brace yourself…it only cost $5.00, who sells coffee for 5.00?
I ask why it was so cheap…a simple thank you to their customers.

How is that for a New Years’ beginning?
lake farm