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This Independence Day, like no other, we will celebrate and enjoy with food…from backyard cookouts with smoke and heat to the coolness of a riverbank with a picnic lunch.

Those who are keenly aware of the encroaching dangers will not take the day or the food for granted.

Yes, we will celebrate, voice our gratitude and commit to the work that is required to assure our grandchildren/and yours will celebrate Independence Day in the Freedom that is …

There are times when we just have to take the day and make it AWESOME!

My day in pictures.

It was 8 AM and the blueberry bushes were calling for help! ( I did apply my lipstick…it brightens my day!)

1/2 gallon of berries and a few other things followed me inside!
New blooms scattered around the grounds, mostly in the perennial bed designed to feed the butterflies.
Black Eyed Susans  Red

waiting  giants?

Zinnias were supposed to be Giants??
wildflowers  relaxing
All it needs is a party! bring gloves and workboots!
Cucumbers have gone mad!  Poke

Cucumbers have gone mad! ~~~  Serves no purpose except to share its gorgeous colors.
12:30 PM, let’s have lunch!

When you have to make a trip out of town, why not make it an interesting one.

Breakfast and coffee of course at home, early morning pickings from the gardens.
a call to Washington, DC., to voice my displeasure and expectations today on the latest Gun Grab from the left and the traitorous RHINOs!
U.S Representative Dr. Scott DesJarlais
2301 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-6831
Fax: (202) 226-5172

Backroads it is…I’ll let you know what I find!




kitchen      Lowes
countertop backsplash

As you can see, still no cabinet doors…much closer than we were!

Finally got the estimate for the backsplash and installation.

Back to Lowes, signed the contract, paid the tab and it should be in by next Thursday, hopefully, the install goes as quickly! They don’t foresee a long wait time…

Speaking of waiting, if Lowes expects me to sit and wait, they really must change the decor, that umbrella is depressing, and who needs that!😁🧐

I do find them very good to work with. Pleasant, helpful, and timely.

All things considered, the cost has not been too far out!

Off to bed, long busy day…Sweet dreams! 😴😴😘


Good Morning,

Thanks to Joe Biden/the fake president from hell….life is a challenge like none we’ve ever faced!

After a quick tour of the grounds and finding no major upsets-it was time for a stable breakfast, grounding thoughts, and Good Coffee!

It’s June, it’s hot, and it’s imperative we keep tabs on our health status.
Stay hydrated and eat strong immune-supporting foods. (no, donuts do not qualify!)

Eggs? Oh yeah…fruits? please…fresh veggies from the garden? In my kitchen for sure.

Picky on grains and grain-based foods, pancakes, biscuits, waffles, etc. (check out ancient grains and honey over refined sugar)
(once a week on these foods and we are good)

Keep tabs on the Recipe section of this website…some new ones coming.


Stay hydrated, stay safe but Bold!

-Do Not Comply-

“When Life Gives Us Lemons, make bread and know, the best is yet to be.”  -Bea Rigsby-Kunz

Wear it, drink it, eat it, bask in the bliss of lemon!

Style, Food, Travel
Remember also, lemon is more than the fruit.
There is Lemon Balm, Lemon Basil, and Lemongrass.
Lemon Mint, Lemon Thyme, and Lemon Marigolds…who knew?

Lemon Zest-the best)
Lemonade-to make the day!
Lemon Meringue pie, who can deny?

Think bright, warm sunshine.
The Julia Child Rose, so deliciously Lemon yellow.


The list goes on, so don’t be shy, seek and find and embrace….all things Lemon!

The benefits are beyond measure.
The taste beyond gourmet.
Bliss, of the lemony kind!


Early Morning Rising!
The grounds are just waking up, overcast and cool! New blooms everywhere, no signs of critter visitation.🧐

The Bog is grounding if you sit still and listen.
The stillness creeps into my head, then tugs at my heart, which speaks to my day’s agenda!
Worry about nothing, pray about everything!

A heart at peace gives life to the body. -Proverbs 14:30.
Join me?

Bog Bog

Today my errands took me to another county, Lawrenceburg, the county seat of Lawrence County and the largest city on the state’s southern border between Chattanooga and Memphis. It lies on the banks of the Shoal Creek and the beautiful Natchez Parkway is close by, about 17 miles east of the city.
It is also home to Laurel Hill Lake.
A lot of interesting history if one is inclined to track and read.

One of the best restaurants in the state…if you should ask my opinion!

“The Brass Lantern”, is the mother restaurant of all the Legend restaurants.

The Brass Lantern has a gorgeous new makeover, really very nice…and the food is always gourmet style on a down-home level!

Steaks are divine!
Cheesecakes are sinful! (I have since asked forgiveness!

If you are nearby, you probably know the goodness…if you are new to the area, make sure you check-in and get to know the awesome folks and their food!

Summer is hanging out in the Sage Hill Gardens!
Stop in if you are in the neighborhood!

BL    Cool  FGT  kids BL

Backroads, Offroads, Sideroads, or Country roads, are known by many names.
If you appreciate the many unique and totally wonderful things, landscapes, and people to be encountered-
it takes day trips and long journeys to another level!

Time to travel!

From Sage Hill to Guntersville Lake (Guntersville, Al.,( near Gadsen) for those unfamiliar with the area, is 2 hours by backroads.
About an hour and a half on the straight route.

Sand Mountain
Cool and pretty!

The climb is short but sweet!  SAND MOUNTAIN is a sandstone plateau in northeastern Alabama and (to a far lesser extent) northwestern Georgia and southeastern Tennessee where the plateau is known as Raccoon Mountain and Elder Mountain. It is part of the southern tip of the Appalachian mountain chain and it is the largest plateau in the chain. Geologically a continuation of Walden Ridge, Sand Mountain is part of the Cumberland Plateau, separated from the main portion of the plateau by the Tennessee River and Sequatchie Valley. The average elevation on Sand Mountain is around 1,500 feet (460 m) above sea level, compared to about 650 feet (200 m) in the surrounding area. This elevation leads to its having the coolest climate in the state of Alabama. The largest city on Sand Mountain is Albertville, in Marshall County.

My trip started early, was beautiful, green, and had little traffic to contend with…works for me!

Guntersville Lake and the lake area is exquisite but rather simple in regards to (fluff and pomp)
It has all the elements of ease, beauty, fresh and gourmet fringes.

Top Of The River from afar.
Big, big lake!

Top Of The River upclose.

(Top Of The River) restaurant is A+ all the way, two levels of wide-open spacious dining, overlooking the lake front.
Super neat, clean, unadorned, great service and delicious food…no greasy residue anywhere.

Fried Catfish, (clean and crispy) Hushpuppies (they rival New Orleans finest) my kind of slaw and great coffee!
All for me! OK!      This little plate soon had a small serving of coleslaw and black-iron skillet cornbread!

There are lake homes in the $$$$$$$$$-millions, but my favorites are the smaller, Craftsman style -built with a Row House feel…still pricey but doable, if we sold the farm and pawned the kids! Mercy!!
From Top of The River to lakes edge.

I did some fun shopping, ate fruit pops and remembered my dear friend Shirley Mitchelle, her home is near-by.
(wherever you are, I love and miss you!)

Awesome little tow...actually, not so little. Remember -Jack Watson ? Chapel+

Time to head home….hope you enjoy my day as much as I did!

Time to head home!

Nothing feels quite like being on the open road, with a full day ahead and no agenda…except lunch at a favorite spot and all the splurge shopping one can handle!

Let me just say…in Nashville, Tn., I saw no signs of a slowdown, new construction beyond belief.
I do have a question. What is driving the all-inclusive look of industrial elements in homes, and commercial buildings?
Dull, generic browns, and grays? The only thing missing is wire fencing and a guard at the gate. (one huge, old, manufacturing plant turned into condos, bars on the windows?
It’s ugly and disturbing.

But…I digress!

I know and love the special, beautiful, and many historical spots. Germantown is a fav!)
If one knows Nashville well, one must know about Monells, they have 3 locations, my favorite is the original in Germantown since 1905.
So much awesome history in this area/neighborhood.

After a Family Style lunch with 9 people gathered around a large table, ladened with meats, breads, salads, dessert, tea, and lemonade….we chose to stroll a lot!

In and out of many individual shops…one of my favorites is the Galena Garlic Company which has its home base/farm in Galen, IL.
My first introduction to the company was the store in Madison, IN. (a fabulous little river town.)

When you get the chance, do go! (for a day or a week, you’ll never see it all!)