Sage Hill Gardens

Sage Hill Gardens – A Sustainable Project

The Gate-Keepers at Sage Hill Gardens are drawing from generations of family farming practices to build and maintain a Sustainable homestead. Through the commitment of using resources wisely, doing no harm in the process, and giving back more than we take…leaving a better legacy for the next and future generations.

We invite you to explore our site for information about sustainable farming practices and safe healthy eating choices, and we also hope you will enjoy our delicious teas and seasonings!

Memories, Habits, Traditions~

Memories, Habits, Traditions~

Our memories are ours alone and come from all that is life, we can speak about them, write about them and share them through many ways of communication... Habits are often formed from ones memories....good memories...worthy of doing over and over…

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Blueberries and the Brain

We've all blueberries, blueberries are powerful, blueberries are super-food...... Well, exactly what is it with blueberries anyway? Simply stated..blueberries enhance the and complete brain health. 1...Blueberries…

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Spring Gardens

Time Is Not On Your Side-Ever~

  Spring is well into the growing mode and everywhere one looks you will likely see all manner of water sprayers working away .... If your area has had rain-fall in the last week, your garden probably does not need water...even though…

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seasonal eating

Seasonal Eating~continued

Eating In Season...continued~ ~ In a research study conducted in 1997 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in London, England, significant differences were found in the nutrient content of cows milk in summer versus winter. Iodine…

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Our Mission Statement:

  • To produce chemical free herbs by using organic, approved products to enrich and sustain our soil.
  • Through composting and cover cropping, nature can and does supply us with needed elements to meet our goals.
  • Our aim is to leave a better legacy for the next and all future generations to build on.