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Say Yes To Adventure!
Say Yes To Adventure!
Old and interesting cemetery.
Many old military markers/many of one family-A rose garden designed in the style of a Japanese garden.
I spent about 45 minutes here.

There is always something to make me wonder…what is over the next ridge?
In the next cove? All inside the walls of the Tennessee Valley?

For every highway, country road, or long-forgotten path, there is always another connecting road/path that takes me to things I do not know, have not seen…ahhh, which direction to take!

I saw dozens of huge spreads with beyond fabulous homes and barns, however, I try to not photograph and/or share places that are obviously occupied.

Being a photographer (albeit self-taught, with the help of a few professional ones)  I can’t let a great shot go undocumented.


At all times I had taken winding roads to the top ridges, Sage Hill was below me in the valley.

A brief history…

Lincoln County, Tennessee


Lincoln County is a county located in the south-central part of the U.S. state of Tennessee. As of the 2010 census, the population was 33,361. Its county seat and largest city is Fayetteville. The county is named for Major General Benjamin Lincoln, an officer in the American Revolutionary War.


Named for:Benjamin Lincoln
Largest city:Fayetteville
Total:571 sq mi (1,478.88 km²)
Land:570 sq mi (1,476.29 km²)
Water:0.4 sq mi (1.04 km²), 0.07%
Density:58 /sq mi (/km²)

Time zone:Central: UTC-6-5

I drove for 3 hours and at no time was more than 45 minutes from Sage Hill.

There were a few short spans when I had not a clue where I was!

(when a young girl, I had this fear of getting lost, yet the yearning to go beyond the territory I knew has always been stronger than my fear. My mother told me once …child, you are lost only if you never show up again! To this day I hear her words when I realize I may be somewhat lost! Hahahaha!

Yes, I have the GPS, however, I am slow to use it-somehow I don’t fully trust “it” to know where I’m going!

In pictures….my jaunt through the beautiful landscape I call my 3rd home ground.

Enjoy ~


Road Bloggin'

Friday-October 16-2020.

While having a breakfast of buttered toast (real butter!) and a crispy Cortland apple from the Sage Hill trees my mind began to wander…through the countryside.

I then had to pick a direction….south of course!

So, I made myself a super Cafe au Lait and hit the road!

What is south you might wonder….well, quite a few very interesting Family farms who offer smashing Fall Festivals.

Two that stand out above the rest are Tate, across the line in Alabama. A but above most, if you haven’t been …Go!

The one I never tire of is just a few miles from Sage Hill…

A huge place with so many great /interesting activities/a lot of thought and work goes into this awesome place.

I will return later to purchase pumpkins (nope, did not grow any this year)

I am impressed with the design for the Corn Maze this year… Awesome!!
View here–

Tomorrow I will spend detailing my Jeep–road grunge is yucky!

Happy Autumn—Yes please~

Healing From With-in~bloggers

One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea.~Walter Bagehot~

My belief is aligned with this thought as I listen and see….many who say they want better health, better way of daily living, better choices, better outcomes…yet, the true way for bringing all these desires to fruition seems to be the most unacceptable..embracing a “new idea.”  A new thought process, new actions, new reactions.
When we find ourselves at this ‘crossroads,’ the decision is, to stay on the path we know ( comfort zone ) or take the path less traveled. ( embrace a new idea )
To think we can have it both ways is choosing to live in denial and thereby, adding confusion to our already non-working method.

A perfect time to stop, reflect, embrace, and apply, is anytime…so right now is a perfect time.

We must live in this world, we do not have to conform to it.

You, I, we, are the only ones who can change those areas of our life that bring us less than joy and harmony.

When we clear and clean the mind, we will naturally follow the steps to doing the same for the body.

Think of it as de-fragmenting your computer~cleaning up all those little bits and pieces of radical escapees.:) Works every time~

Welcome to a new season-a great place/time for a “New Idea~”

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Culinary Herbalist/teacher/speaker
Truth in labeling Advocate
Professional Travel Blogger (long time blogger-New focus!) Come along…


Chapter 3~

This answers some of my questions as to where the money comes from to operate, build, support, and in general, fund such a huge operation, it also leaves me with more questions!

This is a list or a partial list of companies/businesses owned by the Tribe or the man?? (in the Wikipedia link below)

Remember…the mantra within this group is to give up everything one owns for the good of the tribe or the group community.

In 6/2018 Walmart blocked some of the Tribes products while they investigated claims of Child Labor laws being broken by the Tribe
The products were Savannah Bee and Acure.
Target promised to look into it.
Whole Foods and Amazon had no comment

Yes, there is more!!

Chapter 2:

Please, let me be very clear, I am not accusing or offering my opinions about this group, sect, cult?? All these terms have been used in many printed and legal publications to describe them. I am following a hunch that has resurfaced from many years ago.

I also do not wish to engage in conversation about this, simply because it would be opinions,  my hope is, if you are interested you will read some of the links and come to your own conclusion. (links will be in the last chapter)

My hope is also that this will bring home to each of us how blindly we all accept so much without question, easily placing trust in the well-programmed rhetoric
spoken as truth from behind a facade that promises peace and love.


Wowza! The more I dig the more “enlightened” I become.

Harken back to the 80s when it appeared this group was dissolving, I moved on and forgot they ever existed, knowing only the little bits from news sources.
Dissolve they did not, instead, they went abroad and became well entrenched in almost every country.
There are hundreds of accusations/charges against them /mostly for child abuse and child labor law abuse…this is what ran them from this country in the ’80s.

A very high profile case involving 214 children taken from the group’s members by the state of Vermont. (1984)?
(here is the confusing point for me….with so many charges, investigations, etc., only one that I can find where they were actually found guilty, and that is somewhat unclear…that was in Berlin…yes, that Berlin!

In  2006 written records state they made the entry back into the US, they now have beautiful locations all over the country, seems every state has at least one, some have 2, 3 and 4 locations.

Another sticking point for me…..It is written when the leader of the group made the decision to leave the US he/they were broke and deep in debt.
(how does one go abroad and immediately prosper to the point of major abundance/return 30+years later and do the same in the US.)

**Tune in tomorrow for the answer to that…well, at least what appears to be the answer.!!
Chapter 1:

I was dressed and on the road early this Saturday, Sept.26-2020
I was anticipating breakfast at the Yellow Deli just a hop and skip from Sage Hill. It dawned on me halfway there they do not open on Saturday!
I was glad I had coffee before leaving home, breakfast would be a toss-up!

This local jaunt will take a few days to walk through or relay via a keyboard.
I remember the activity around the said deli in the 1970’s-information and updates were hard to get back then, not like today where a keystroke can bring thousands of years to the forefront just like that.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered A Yellow Deli sitting in a small rural town just a few miles from me in Tennessee.
I thought years ago they had all just poofed away in a haze of salty news stories and accusations that left one wondering….

Check-in tomorrow for another chapter.

Actually, it’s a long and winding road that began in…..

A Short History of The Yellow Deli PDF Print E-mail
The early ’70s would not have been such a special time in the Chattanooga area without The Yellow Deli. Remember those luscious fruit salads, great sandwiches, fresh salads, and homemade desserts? Something about its warm, rustic atmosphere drew people like a magnet. And who can forget the heart-felt invitation at the bottom of the hand-drawn Yellow Deli menu: “We serve the fruit of the Spirit… Why not ask?” Somehow God’s love had been communicated to our hearts in such a way that all we wanted to do was pass on the love, joy, and peace spoken of in the New Testament. Our Savior meant everything to us, so working together to serve the best food in the best atmosphere, with all of our hearts, seemed a normal response. The fruit of the Spirit was produced naturally from the good tree of happy believers working together.

Rejoicing in a fabulous fall morning at Sage Hill—-an early morning walk around the grounds left me with wet feet, a clear head, and —hungry!

Breakfast was light followed by a hot, steaming/foaming cup of Cafe au Lait coffee—so good!
A lot of Breaking News headlines this morning brings me to my own—Breaking News! You are going to love it…I hope.

I have a meeting with my long time VA after lunch, we will cross T’s and dot I’s and then —you get the “rest of the story!” (I miss Paul Harvey)
Teaser, it is going to be colorful!!
I was searching through some old Victoria magazines and came across one with pages and pages of yellow hues..I’ve been on the fence with bringing yellow into my circle of “loves.” I love it, and yet I don’t?

bea kunz
What does a Stylish Gardener do when she isn’t gardening?

Well…she joins a professional stylist and learns new things- about other things-besides those things she is already well versed in!!

I knew/know all about the astrological influence we are each born under.
I knew/know how our birth signs influence our lives in very subtle and profound ways.
I knew/know how interwoven our likes and dislikes are connected.

What I didn’t know is how much I had missed about “color.”

Color plays a major role in how we think, look, feel and act.
We each have our own color pallet…some…(like me) have 2 pallets….
(once again I am blessed!)

At this moment in the years cycle I’m coming into my winter/silver pallet….
Blacks, gray, red, blue, green, purple, golds, orange and white of course….not just any shade of said colors…they must be the “spicy” shades, rich, bold and energizing.

Oh…and just be clear…indeed this awesome color pallet thingy…includes our food likes…..This I taught the Stylist!!

The circle that keeps on giving…..

Nothing feels as good as feeling good…. looking good is the reward for the work that goes into feeling good.

Join me here and let’s journey together…..through the garden of all things healthy and beautiful….a very personal Style.

Welcome October…live it with purpose and passion!


Simple greenery is one of my favorite Table-scape’s for the summer.

Rosemary is also one of my favorite herbs for the summer usage…as you see-makes a lovey table piece, a small jar filled with the heady stems on the kitchen just speaks “home.”

How many households doesn’t look to the grill for easy and delicious summer foods. Vegetables on the grill is my best loved way of eating and serving them…squash, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, and white corn…any and all take to the grilling like a June-bug on the rosemary.

Soak a few sprigs in clean water and toss onto the veggies or meat( rosemary, not the June-bug )…keep the rosemary soaked to impart the full flavor.

Good and good for us…


Nothing Feels As Good As Feeling Good