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New Year

January 1, 2021

Happy birthday Kathy Stevens/our first niece, long career in nursing,

mother of one, grandmother of 2… Love you Kathy.

Rose Bowl game at 3…Alabama v Notre Dame,

2nd Quarter…21-7 Alabama! (played in Texas!)

Friends coming for coffee and pie-Apple, just like mother made!

Manifesting a Happy, Healthy, and Great New Year!
Make it count!!
Paying close attention to the little things I may have taken for granted over the years. Something special about this year?

Yesterday was brutally cold, I needed and wanted outside time…dressed warmly and headed for the park.

We have a beautiful, well-designed park, a well laid out walking path, great rest stops/benches/a covered pavilion with tables and benches/beautiful fish pond with a one-of-a-kind cross-over bridge.
Perhaps because it was too cold for many…not one other person was in sight. Two people sitting in a car, which always peaks my radar🤨
I love the winter, however, if spring is an invitation to draw folks outside…I’m manifesting spring!!
PS: I stayed on the opposite side of the car with lurkers…not being rude but why go to a park and sit in the car?

I had a real “Light Bulb” moment today and I want to share it with you.

Anyone who loves their freedom and knows how close we are to losing it is stressed, some more than others and that is for a plethora of reasons. It’s all real and all normal.
I’m not suggesting do this or that to get rid of the stress-I am suggesting do something really physical every day, exert yourself to the point of …I can’t do anymore!
The stress will still be a truth, but for certain, the body and mind will be lighter and calmer, you’ll be tired at the end of the day and sleep will be better.
No excuses…just do it!!
Consider, if…we must face 4 years of a non-president we will need to be healthy and determined to stand strong and be demanding.
Yesterday, I had appointments in the city.
I came home and washed my Jeep, it was cold and it’s a big vehicle. I was exhausted when I finally came inside. I slept for 8.5 hours.

Today I put on my Muck boots and dug a large hole in the back field, tomorrow I will find a tree for the hole!!
It is time to plant perennials, trees, shrubs, etc.😂

My latest road touring took me no further than a few miles from Sage Hill.

As I drove, one constant kept coming into view–barns–I love old buildings!
Even if they are dilapidated and falling away, they have character, a story, some say a soul—and who am I to dispute.

If you aren’t familiar with middle Tennessee it’s hard to get a clear mental picture of the land layout. A lot of wide expanses of farmland, valleys, coves, ridges, mountains on some scale This allows much to be hidden until you round a curve, top a ridge or find yourself at the base of a  mountain.

These facts along with the many rivers, streams, and creeks can make a Sunday drive Blogworthy!

Before I headed out of town I stopped by the park, which has a charming history…for another Blog perhaps. I love the Lancaster cabin and met a charming lady who snapped this pic. She didn’t want hers made because she didn’t have her lipstick on…well, I relate to that! I don’t go to the mailbox without mine!! It’s a woman thing!!


I made my way up Icy Bank on my way into town and that is always inspiring!
A rather high point just above Sage Hill.
Barns, Barns, barns…and some I missed!

barns     barn    Cabin    barn

My favorite!

On my way home I drove back over Icy Bank at sunset…Oh mercy….you have to see it!

And 10 minutes I’m home….time out was 3.5 hours.
Therapy of the best kind.

No place like home!

jasper    Jasper Square


Most don’t live in real-life castles, however, don’t doubt that we have a few!!

My home ground, where my deepest roots and earliest memories of life are stationary. Sweet Home Alabama…words that ring my bell…be it Christmas or a stroll in the Sipsey Wilderness! (my birthplace)

For different reasons this year, and little to do with the COVID demon, we are not one big grouping. However, we have had smaller visits, and special they were/are.

Yesterday I made my way south to drop Christmas goodies to my eldest son/family…my son and his eldest were at work, so I’m sharing this pic instead of a live shot…made by the younger one of the clan…a seasoned part-time/freelance photographer…while he works through Nursing school!
Quite talented and innovative young man.

The drive was gorgeously winter, the traffic was heavy?? People are going somewhere! The coffee and home-baked cookies were delicious…hugs warm and knowing.

Family…the best security we have.

Tis the Season…to cherish family!

family    playmemory        chris

the rock the cross Chaple
church church

I hear a lot…Christmas is different this year! (truth is…only the celebration is different.) so, whatever your circumstance, make it festive in your way and REJOICE!!

My/our celebration activities are different in some ways also.

However, we all know you can’t stop destiny!

My only brother was a house-guest for 3 days/ a guest only in the sense I chose to pamper him…with bright, beautiful surroundings, delicious home-cooked food, and limited travel around my domain.

Sewanee, (University Of The South) is just out my back door…so, up, up and away we went…it sits on the very top of a lovely mountain.

Sewanee: The University of the South, commonly known as Sewanee (/səˈwɑːni/), is a private Episcopal liberal arts college in Sewanee, Tennessee. It is owned by 28 southern dioceses of the Episcopal Church and its School of Theology is an official seminary of the church. The university’s School of Letters offers graduate degrees in American Literature and Creative Writing. The campus (officially called “The Domain” or, affectionately, “The Mountain”) consists of 13,000 acres of scenic mountain property atop the Cumberland Plateau, with the developed portion occupying about 1,000 acres.

The history, the architectural magnificence, the view (oh the view!!) and the joy ride to get to the top and down again!! ( a sharp, never-ending collection of S curves!

Back home-Cajun Bread Pudding w/hot buttered rum sauce!(talk about good)bread pudding

A few highlights..Enjoy and Merry Christmas from Tennessee and Sage Hill Gardens.

shadowsshadows shadowshadowsshadows


You can’t plan for them, can’t make a date for them, can’t really predict when and/or where they will show. Oh, I know there is a 12 o’clock shadow, the 3 o’clock shadow, and all that scientific boring stuff!!

I much prefer just snapping shots and discovering the shadows were there!

From my grounds tour of Sage Hill Gardens earlier.

PS: There have been great books written from a single photograph…

Rain, snow, or sunshine, let your table speak the season!

In bloom for all seasons, whether flowers, leaves, or pinecones….the table,
the china, the message it sends out…never fails to cheer and delight those who gather.

Simple or elaborate, it matters not, pick your bouquet and arrange it with joy…then share.

Thanksgiving is 6 days in waiting.

**Manners Matter** Speaking Grace, please and thank you…calms the nerves, softens the heart, and feeds the spirit.