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me Long day…Appointments turned Road Bloggin’!

I love day trips, even those that start out with a doctor visit!
Especially when that appointment is for someone else.JK, we all get a turn!!

I also love the seek and find of great gems tucked away in out of the loop places. ( so often the best) This certainly proved true on this day.

After the appointments were over, and with good results, the need to celebrate seemed totally justified!
Sweet Bakes is more than a dessert spot, the best Pannini around!
Turkey, Swiss, and Sun-dried tomato-toasty grilled and hot!
Coffee was perfect and the service had a big, happy smile with each request.
Clean, cool, and quiet.

However, the best feeling happened when I felt my favorite chair welcome my body home!!

Ahhh, beautiful surroundings, delightful people, delicious food and the comfort of home to end the day and refuel!     zzzzz