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A desire for that which brings comfort, joy, and pleasure, to our heart, mind, and surroundings…to me, is Bliss…it can be as elaborate as the Queens digs are as simple as a cup of tea and a boiled egg…with a few special elements added here and there…some thought tweaking, your favorite music or the quietness of a favorite book.

I am big on bliss from with-in…once we find that…the outer elements will find us.

Need help, need tea, need jewels, need a friend to help you clear the cob-webs….This is your lucky day…I’m available, affordable, and know the way to “Bliss.”  NO…I’m not a hooker…LOL…part of finding bliss is being able to laugh in the face of all that which works to bring us down.


imagesVEW1C096100_3136images         Deep red or bright pink fruits and vegetables should be eaten every day. Nutrition research shows that foods in the red groups contain phytochemicals, such as lycopene and anthocyanins. Phytochemicals, substances found only in plants, help your body fight disease and promote good health.

Lycopene (pronounced LIKE-oh-peen) helps reduce the risk of several types of cancer, including prostate cancer. Watermelons, pink grapefruits, and tomato-based products such as spaghetti sauce, tomato paste, and tomato juice are all good sources of lycopene. One out of every six men in America will be affected by prostate cancer, says Dr. Lorelei DiSogra, Director of NCIs 5 A Day for Better Health Program. Men who want to reduce their risk of prostate cancer should eat foods rich in lycopene as part of their recommended 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
Women need 5 to 7 servings per day…

I’m not big on measuring out servings and counting amounts…so…I just fill up the frig, the pantry, and the fruit bowls with the right colors and when I get hungry…that is what I eat.

You can do it~

Other red fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, raspberries, and beets contain anthocyanins (pronounced an-tho-SIGH-uh-nins), a group of phytochemicals that are powerful antioxidants that help control high blood pressure and protect against diabetes-related circulatory.

Teacher of the yearRed Quilt


Creating beauty that can be looked upon and enjoyed for years and years to come…yes…Blissful~

I wanted to share my long-time friend Debbie Maddys beautiful art of quilting with you. I thought it best to let her explain…so here it is…please visit Debbie on FB, friend her if you are so inclined…and get to know the lovely work she turns out.


This is a red and white quilt made with my Hunters Star Simplified pattern. My patterns are based on my “No Diamonds No “Y” Seams” technique. Everything is made with half square triangles and squares, no bias edge diamonds. My patterns are on my website

002Beautiful and Timeless…Vintage and Bliss…one in the same-or- the same in one…as long as it sparkles and shines…

You can enjoy this stunning piece here, or you make it your own …yes, it is for sale. Contact me for details.

A day without sparkle is like a wardrobe without Red….

10527278_10152719325493773_1592506287608132542_nI believe…when and if we open our mind and our heart to receiving extraordinary gifts…they will come.

The most cherished gifts to me are simple, real, and from the heart.

From my lovely friend in Franklin, TN…a little bit of Red bliss from her beautiful heart…ohhh…and I do love the gloves !

Thank you Diana Dueease <3


002If you are like me, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen…it has been said, the kitchen is the heart of the home…hmmm…certainly if one is hungry, it surely is the place to park.

I spent time in the kitchen today working on a new spread, one that can be used for dipping, tossing into hot broiled shrimp or used on a sandwich in place of mayonnaise.

You will kindly notice I found that pop of Red to light up the dish-and I love apple with everything.

Using crusty French or the last of a Sourdough loaf…cut two cups into cubes…drizzle with a good olive oil (lightly) sprinkle generously with a Cajun blend ( Sage Hill Cajun Blend) toast and set aside.

Blend a half cup of sour cream- (creole mustard, turmeric powder, ginger powder, and cayenne pepper, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper- to taste)

Toss this into a pan of hot grilled shrimp and there’s your “Bliss!”

Don’t like or want the shrimp ( I know ya’ll are out there ?)

Cold Roast beef, the bread cubes, sliced “Red apple” and the dip…still “Blissful,” and now you must make a choice. Either way…you win!


2015-The Year of Red Bliss~
2015-The Year of Red Bliss~

“2015-the year of Red Bliss”…my quote.

Remember…bliss is not a place, a thing, or even a lifestyle…it is in fact…” a tiny spark” that lives inside, and if, and when, you allow it to glow…it lights up your world-fills your heart, mind, and spirit with perfect contentment and acceptance…for the moment…”The Moment” must be embraced, nourished, and encouraged to simmer… if you are to live a blissful journey…the moment is never enough.~

Sage Hill Gardens will greet the new year with a plan of Re-Purposing…look for scatterings of red throughout the year-you might be surprised…and I trust you will be delighted.

Happy New Year …Sparkle and Shine…from within~