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2015-The Year of Red Bliss~
2015-The Year of Red Bliss~

“2015-the year of Red Bliss”…my quote.

Remember…bliss is not a place, a thing, or even a lifestyle…it is in fact…” a tiny spark” that lives inside, and if, and when, you allow it to glow…it lights up your world-fills your heart, mind, and spirit with perfect contentment and acceptance…for the moment…”The Moment” must be embraced, nourished, and encouraged to simmer… if you are to live a blissful journey…the moment is never enough.~

Sage Hill Gardens will greet the new year with a plan of Re-Purposing…look for scatterings of red throughout the year-you might be surprised…and I trust you will be delighted.

Happy New Year …Sparkle and Shine…from within~



4 Replies to “A Blissful New Year-begins in Red~”

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    Great thoughts Bea. You are a deep well.

    Love you.

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      Coming from you Michael, that is a compliment cherished. Thank you!

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    I love the connection of red and bliss. I have just a pop of a shade of red in every room in my house…most are not true reds…but still bring that flare. Now when I see them…I will think of bliss and you!

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      Your home sounds inviting and interesting Jane.

      I look forward to seeing it…

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