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Style with belts

STYLE….new addition to The Stylish Gardener Blog…after all!  

Belts, hmmm….I’ve perfected my fall/winter wardrobe, and belts are nowhere to be found!

These are a few looks I managed in the past. With a very high waistline and a lot of driving time this year…fashionable, but uncomplicated and comfortable is my plan.
Ahhh, but enough about belts….

For excellent vintage jewelry/condition and pricing, visit my Vintage site and shop for those very special ones we love to pamper.
Fall is designed for “food!” We have to eat, we enjoy eating, so let’s make it count.
Start the season with one firm thought…Only the best/healthiest and moderation at all times.
This simple commitment will help drop pounds if that is a goal, clean-up, and clean-out the whole system, ease the frustration of “dieting” and bring a newfound joy to our food category.
**For the Membership options of The Healthy-After program, please PM me.
(website make-over has forced some changes to this program’s landing page/we are working on it.)

Check out the Recipe category along with the articles pertaining to cooking tips.
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I’m always a click away, your questions or need for more info is
encouraged and appreciated.

Blessings~stay aware, stay healthy, stay stylish…cotton or silk…make it yours alone.

Homegrown, home-prepared, and home-cooked is my day-to-day preference. However, there are times/circumstance’s when eating out is the only option…those times always send me on a search to find the best wherever I happen to be.

Yesterday I was in Columbia, TN., a pretty, peaceful, innovative southern town just an hour north of Sage Hill.

I simply do not eat from Fast food and/or chain restaurants.

Breakfast about 9 sounded inviting…so the search was on!

This is what I found and what a find it was!

I was not disappointed and I will be making return visits from time to time.

Check it out and if you are local check-in!


food dining

Chapter 2:

Please, let me be very clear, I am not accusing or offering my opinions about this group, sect, cult?? All these terms have been used in many printed and legal publications to describe them. I am following a hunch that has resurfaced from many years ago.

I also do not wish to engage in conversation about this, simply because it would be opinions,  my hope is, if you are interested you will read some of the links and come to your own conclusion. (links will be in the last chapter)

My hope is also that this will bring home to each of us how blindly we all accept so much without question, easily placing trust in the well-programmed rhetoric
spoken as truth from behind a facade that promises peace and love.


Wowza! The more I dig the more “enlightened” I become.

Harken back to the 80s when it appeared this group was dissolving, I moved on and forgot they ever existed, knowing only the little bits from news sources.
Dissolve they did not, instead, they went abroad and became well entrenched in almost every country.
There are hundreds of accusations/charges against them /mostly for child abuse and child labor law abuse…this is what ran them from this country in the ’80s.

A very high profile case involving 214 children taken from the group’s members by the state of Vermont. (1984)?
(here is the confusing point for me….with so many charges, investigations, etc., only one that I can find where they were actually found guilty, and that is somewhat unclear…that was in Berlin…yes, that Berlin!

In  2006 written records state they made the entry back into the US, they now have beautiful locations all over the country, seems every state has at least one, some have 2, 3 and 4 locations.

Another sticking point for me…..It is written when the leader of the group made the decision to leave the US he/they were broke and deep in debt.
(how does one go abroad and immediately prosper to the point of major abundance/return 30+years later and do the same in the US.)

**Tune in tomorrow for the answer to that…well, at least what appears to be the answer.!!
Chapter 1:

I was dressed and on the road early this Saturday, Sept.26-2020
I was anticipating breakfast at the Yellow Deli just a hop and skip from Sage Hill. It dawned on me halfway there they do not open on Saturday!
I was glad I had coffee before leaving home, breakfast would be a toss-up!

This local jaunt will take a few days to walk through or relay via a keyboard.
I remember the activity around the said deli in the 1970’s-information and updates were hard to get back then, not like today where a keystroke can bring thousands of years to the forefront just like that.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered A Yellow Deli sitting in a small rural town just a few miles from me in Tennessee.
I thought years ago they had all just poofed away in a haze of salty news stories and accusations that left one wondering….

Check-in tomorrow for another chapter.

Actually, it’s a long and winding road that began in…..

A Short History of The Yellow Deli PDF Print E-mail
The early ’70s would not have been such a special time in the Chattanooga area without The Yellow Deli. Remember those luscious fruit salads, great sandwiches, fresh salads, and homemade desserts? Something about its warm, rustic atmosphere drew people like a magnet. And who can forget the heart-felt invitation at the bottom of the hand-drawn Yellow Deli menu: “We serve the fruit of the Spirit… Why not ask?” Somehow God’s love had been communicated to our hearts in such a way that all we wanted to do was pass on the love, joy, and peace spoken of in the New Testament. Our Savior meant everything to us, so working together to serve the best food in the best atmosphere, with all of our hearts, seemed a normal response. The fruit of the Spirit was produced naturally from the good tree of happy believers working together.

Rejoicing in a fabulous fall morning at Sage Hill—-an early morning walk around the grounds left me with wet feet, a clear head, and —hungry!

Breakfast was light followed by a hot, steaming/foaming cup of Cafe au Lait coffee—so good!
A lot of Breaking News headlines this morning brings me to my own—Breaking News! You are going to love it…I hope.

I have a meeting with my long time VA after lunch, we will cross T’s and dot I’s and then —you get the “rest of the story!” (I miss Paul Harvey)
Teaser, it is going to be colorful!!
I was searching through some old Victoria magazines and came across one with pages and pages of yellow hues..I’ve been on the fence with bringing yellow into my circle of “loves.” I love it, and yet I don’t?


Life is a mixture of good, bad, happy, sad, joy, sorry…..these are a given, we do not choose or redesign them across the board…and yes, I know all the ways we can manipulate our life to paint a better picture…

Bliss…ahhh, this is totally a choice, a tiny little switch that flips on and off at will… matter…how down, how lonely, how stressed…make blissful moments in your day and smile…if only inside…( do you know just thinking a smile boost the immune system greatly…laughing out loud sends it over the top!

Eating is a requirement. ( one I have no issues with) Bring the two together for your ‘Blissful’ moments…..Make it healthy in a common sense way, make it pretty, make it a gracious time.

In Gratitude….for gorgeous food and “You!”


The number of women who were named as the principal operator of an American farm or ranch increased by nearly 30 percent between 2002 and 2007, according to the U.S. Census of Agriculture. Women composed about 14 percent of principal farm operators in 2007, and that percentage has held steady since then, according to the preliminary 2012 census released in February.

Women over 65 own nearly a third of Iowa’s farmland.

Census data from 2007 showed that women were more likely than men to operate farms with a diversity of crops, and to own a greater percentage of the land they farmed. Women farmers also tended to sell food directly to the consumer rather than to large food-processing corporations—an approach that the United Nations report has found to be important for improving food systems.

Leigh Adcock, executive director of the Women, Food and Agriculture Network, said she believes the U.S. food system will be healthier when more women farm.

In my research I was somewhat surprised to learn many women don’t own the land they farm….instead they lease long term…much of the reason is: women in many  cases do not have credit options  and are considered poor risk when dealing with banks and other financial institutions.

However, this does not seem to have been a major drawback in the success of the case studies in my findings.

I grew up on a farm, it wasn’t new to me when I made the decision 15 years ago to spearhead this farm project. The methods I chose to embrace were new to me, the learning curve was tricky for a short while…..the pay-off is and has been more than I ever imagined in many ways.

We are not yesterdays farmers or yesterdays farmers wives~

Think you know what a farmer looks like ?
Think you know what a farmer looks like ?