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You’ve noticed no-doubt..The Stylish Gardener has been on vacation!

Four months left of 2015…WoW! The year has left many changes at Sage Hill.

One of the biggest and best…more free time, a slower pace, for “me.”

Sitting in my comfort zone today (my home office) content ( to a point) in my work, my accomplishments, my self expectations….I realized what a blessed life I have….I have climbed mountains these last 2 years…reached peaks I thought were out of reach for me….said yes to questionable options….embraced future disappointments…and still smiling and seeing Bliss where some say there is no Bliss….It’s A Red Dot moment~005


2 Replies to “Ageless Bliss~A Red Dot Fact~”

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    Is it good to be back home? I am always so glad to get HOME. Vacations are great but getting back home is a peaceful feeling for me.

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      Agreed Eileen…no place like home!

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