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100_6032The stylish gardener is a peek inside my own personal life in and around the gardening concept.

I refuse to view and accept life as a chance happening. I can and I do, shape and mold it until it makes me laugh…or cry…as long as I’m feeling and reacting, it just gets better and better.

My life isn’t perfect, I am not sure perfection exist, or that I would want it if it did. Nothing is quite as glorious as rounding a corner and being knocked to your knees by something wonderful you didn’t see coming!

So come visit as often as you like, take away any idea that you can claim for your own…( please don’t take my photo’s 🙂 )

Many fun events and ideas happen here almost daily…sharing is my way of offering to you…A Blissful Moment~

Breakfast on the porch is almost a daily ritual, either alone or with your partner , a friend, the children, even your pet…make it special and a morning to cherish.



2 Replies to “The Stylish Gardener~a daily dose of bliss….”

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    I love the idea of a little bliss in every day. 🙂 And breakfast on the porch sounds great – peaceful beautiful scenery – bliss indeed!

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      Nessa, all that is missing…you!

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