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Spring Gardens

Spring is well into the growing mode and everywhere one looks you will likely see all manner of water sprayers working away ….

If your area has had rain-fall in the last week, your garden probably does not need water…even though it may be dry on the top-soil line.
Sprinkling your garden plants every day or every-other day is a waste of time. water, and does nothing good for the garden…except to feed/water the negative insects.

The biggest negative being…it encourages the plants root to grow shallow and produces a weaker plant system over-all.

Important: A deep watering once a week is all any garden needs….this also plays a large part in the flavor of your crop…too much water leaches nutrients and with those…goes your taste.

Important: Thin, thin, thin….when seedlings are small they don’t appear to a threat to the others in line…however, if you allow them to grow too much before thinning, you are apt to damage the roots of the ones left behind….Read your seed packet and don’t be afraid to thin…you’ll get a healthier plant and in turn more produce.

Important: The best thing  we can do for a vegetable garden is to straw around each plant, and the walking areas of the garden overall…this holds moisture in the soil, (less watering) smothers weed growth, and actually cuts down on insects…Remember, bad insects thrive in negative conditions….so don’t hang out a welcome sign by doing the wrong things.

Important..If you do have weeds…pull before they set seed, this will cut back on the next generation…
Important…Spraying and dusting with chemical weed killers is the one most negative thing for your gardens….think about it…man has been saturating the weeds with deadly chemicals for centuries…and the weeds are bigger and meaner than ever in the past…(thriving on the negative!)

The cleaner your soil, the healthier your plants, the tastier/more productive the crop.

The cleaner your crop, the healthier and happier your family ~


2 Replies to “Time Is Not On Your Side-Ever~”

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    Very wise common sense information. Sad part is people continue to use chemicals. In my
    mind I think chemicals are causing cancer.

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    No doubt about Arlene…it is a proven fact….sad but true…don’t see much help for it either…we can’t un-ring the bell! We can however take charge of self and develop a better plan…