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There Is An Herb For That!

Herbal Summer Tips~

Summer can mean too much sun and exposure to itchy things and bug bites. 
A few simple and inexpensive ways to keep your skin in healthy condition and calm the itch of bug bites. When they itch, one tends to scratch…which leads to more itching, more scratching…and eventually infection.

Lemon balm, lavender, echinacea, eucalyptus, or lemongrass makes an excellent wash…boil a small pot of water, add a handful of Lemon balm, Lemongrass, or any of the above…turn heat to a very low setting, and steep for about 10 minutes…add to a bath or soak a bath cloth and gently wash the skin, use in a spray bottle as a repellent. You can then add a touch of Tea Tree oil to the areas needing attention. You can do this as often as needed. 

Aloe Vera plant is an awesome herb for sunburn or just to cool and treat hot skin and itchy bites…if you don’t have a plant invest in a good gel or cream from a natural/organic source.
Big Tip…If you refrain from using chemicals on your lawn and gardens, in a short time you will discover you have no pesky bugs to be concerned about.

Bad bugs thrive in bad soil and plants…with healthy, chemical-free lawns/gardens you will have an abundance of good bugs…which eat any bad bugs who come creeping around…it’s a win-win~

Wishing you a very safe and bad-bug-free summer~
Praying mantis - a bug in the garden.

This is the awesome Praying Mantis…a very good bug in the garden.
Please do not kill them.

They are a little creepy in the sense they can turn their head completely around without moving the body…and they will watch every move you make!!

Totally harmless to humans, tough on bad insects…and some good ones.

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    It’s always refreshing to see your beautiful smiling face.
    The Lord bless and keep you.

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      Thank you, Arlon Webb, you are a treasured friend!

      Blessings back to you and yours!

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