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Fig and Peach Jam for the holidays and maybe a Santa gift in a stocking!

While I was catching up on chores I slow-cooked a beef brisket/new potatoes/carrots/onions
An arrowroot gravy—- and for the leftover brisket after a couple of days…a tangy/sweet fig sauce/drizzle and warm under the broil setting for a few minutes and serve on a French bread/roll.

My day is done—-Joe Biden is still the worst president in all of history~
God is still in charge—it ain’t over!!

beef      jam

When one plays on Wednesday, one doubles up on chores come Thursday!

I am allowing for a lunch break…Frozen Yogurt with chopped figs and Jalapeno and Lime syrup!!
(take a lesson Nancy-yogurt doesn’t make you fat!)

I did start my day with an excellent Italian breakfast.
Fresh eggs, chopped Roma tomato, pepper and onion, fresh ground oregano, sea salt, peppercorns, and a pinch of cayenne and basil.
I sprinkled with fresh grated Parmesan, just a sprinkle!

An Omelette or Frittata to envy! (roughly translates to “fried!” in Italian)

For all my Italian and Italian-loving friends. Gloria D’Eliso Mount!

I have about 3 hours of work left…see ya!


The weekend is coming to a close, mine was family-oriented, the best kind!

Good chat with my son, visit with sister #3, she just sold her big house and settled into a lovely condo, which started my wheels turning!??

I made blueberry syrup, goodness gracious it is so good, and so pretty!

Highlights of the grounds tour this AM.

Everything is greener, more alive, and standing tall since the two recent rains, it was much needed and made a difference.
Expecting more tomorrow.

The gardens have a lot of bumblebees and butterflies…honeybees have moved on, they go where they are needed most.

Monday’s coming…sleep is required…sweet dreams.

Okra summer squash

cukes cayenne

pepper pepper

pepper pepper

basil seed

dill sunflower