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Sage Hill’s facelift has been interesting, challenging, and worth it all.
(the last phase is coming, it started in September and will finalize in September)

There has been a lot that wasn’t pretty or interesting…breaking up concrete is nasty and something I just as soon forget!
I’ll just say it was a worthy decision and life is better on all levels!

Phase three (3) included the kitchen; new countertops, redoing solid oak cabinets to white-painted (inside and out), and installing soft close and easy racking inside. (all completed)backsplash
In the meantime….the staircase is next up.
Removing the carpet (the final bit of carpet will be history!
Rebuilding and either painted with a runner or bare wood? ( a decision does need to be made pronto!)

I’m loving the new look, it is finally coming together in a way that shows the bigger picture.

Throughout this entire process, I’ve tried to keep most elements in the style of Cape Cod. (a challenge for sure.)

Enjoy~your thoughts are welcome.

Pardon the cluttered counter, I was making Red sauce for the freezer.)

glass    full view

glass    end