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My desire to pack a bag and roam never wanes!

I won’t bore you with the reasons why not over the past year, we’ve all experienced the same game.

My summer coming up will be quite different from the previous one….ready or not, the choice is mine.

This past Tuesday was a sample run…took me north into the neighboring 3 counties. Saw a lot of spring activity, fields greening, fields plowed under, and fresh, rich dirt gleaming in the sunshine.

Made a special stop at my favorite nursery for things I don’t or can’t grow from seed. River View is located at Thompson Station… a huge place and all the plants are grown there and from Non-GMO seed.

I came home with 12 Azalea shrubs, perennial salvia, and Sea Salt hand-soap!
Oh, and 8 bags of Raised Bed Soil blend…good thing I drive a Jeep!

Mealhouse love Dessert done right!

Saw some old friends and sat on a bench and chatted for a while…a marvelous treat!

By now I was getting hungry, with a late breakfast I had passed on lunch, early dinner was sounding good.

Two choices…come home and cook, or…Marcy Jo’s is 20 minutes from Sage Hill…right on my route….Marcy Jo’s it was.

This quaint little place has an old history, more recent history, and a much bigger story and purpose.

Gifted and gracious people, making it count!





3 Replies to “Local And Lively-Road Bloggin’ #6”

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    I follow Rory too, I had not realized you were in the area. Small world.

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      Hi Donna, they are about 20 minutes north of Sage Hill. (Rory and Joeys farm/home/business)

      Marcy Jo is his sister/I was at the early opening of the Mealhouse in 2007 ( think it was) she and Joey were partners in that project…it has become worldwide known and just has a fabulous reputation and the food is all it is touted to be. They are really wonderful people.
      I’m so glad you like and follow Rory…wish you could see their place, farm simple but awesome.

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      Very interesting! Sounds like a great place.