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Sustainable ingredients are those grown/raised without chemical saturation, added hormones and antibiotics.

My recipes are produced inside this practice, it makes a huge difference in the taste and the benefits of our food intake.

That being understood…all of my recipes are usually written in a way that you get to make the choice. ( not everyone uses my method:)


1 to 2 cups fresh chopped garden chives

1 to 2 pounds fresh salted-butter (sticks can be used)
Wax paper

Leave butter on the counter until soft enough to work with a wooden spoon.
(do not soften by heat method)

When butter is slightly soft, add your amount of chives desired ( I use 1 cup to 1  pound of butter…(I make 2 pound at a time so I need 2 cups.)

Make sure the chives are clean and dry.

(When washing chives, hold upright with open/cut end up…and spray lightly with water.
Roll in a paper towel to absorb excess moisture…then lay on a clean towel to dry.
When dry, chop and spread out again on a paper towel until ready to use.)

Add butter and chives together in a no-reactive bowl and with a wooden spoon work the two until chives are well distributed….only takes a few minutes.

Divide into 2 or 4 amounts (depending on amount you are making.) onto sections of wax paper…

With the palm of your hand …roll back and forth until you’ve formed a neat roll into the size you want….

Roll up into the same sheet of wax paper, fold ends under and place in a freezer bag /lay flat until frozen….

Can be stored in freezer for 6 months or longer…

Too use, just unwrap, cut off what you need and return to freezer.

Slices easily and softens quickly.

chive butter Chive Butter


2 Replies to “Healthy Eating”

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    For those of us living in the warmer climates, most have or will have very soon a fresh supply of Chive-Onion and Garlic….

    Great cooking/dining tip…make this butter and keep in the freezer, it is good on everything.
    Adds that gourmet flavor to the simplest of dishes.

  2. avatar

    Sounds yummy. I just planted chives and garlic. My daughter thought I was nuts planting so early. Chives are up. Garlic is showing green tops. YUMMINESS coming soon.

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