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The best way to understand the real meaning of Easter would be from Jesus, in His three words … the new covenant.

Most all of us adapt to our current day forms of celebrations…….
Maybe that is OK as long as we don’t forget and fail to teach the real history, how and why the holiday came to be.

My oldest son loved holidays with all the trimmings…so naturally he enjoyed his basket and his little brothers basket! (circa 1966) his brother was a preemie of 5 months…no photo’s until his 6 month check-up.


A master-piece by Bradley and Jack…grandsons..about 2009 I think.

May your Easter Sunday be blessed with love and truth….

2 Replies to “Easter…..The Real Meaning”

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    My sweet little Randy!! How I love that precious little boy.

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    Thank you Judy…I can close my eyes and it’s like being back in time. He was born with a good, sweet heart.