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She-moon with an attitude

Planting and harvesting by the moon phases is not a new/recent guide to successful crops….I grew up watching my family use this method, and knowing it was passed on from another/other generations before them.

As the Moon revolves around the Earth every 28 days, it reflects different amounts of sun depending on its angle toward the light of the sun.

The theory is that increasing moonlight is best for annuals that bear their fruit above ground, and decreasing moonlight is best of those that are root crops. The full moon and the new moon are considered “barren” signs when no planting should be done at all, and planting should not be done on Sundays or on the first or last quarter days for similar reasons.

This is one main reason why planning is the most important step in gardening/farming…be it small or commercial size-understanding the phases as applied to growing, takes some study and understanding of the reasons why.

I’ve hear it said…’plant it and it will grow.’ This may be true to a large extent…but how well it grows and produces depends on a well designed and executed plan of action.

My favorite study guide is the long standing ‘Farmers Almanac’…been reading this little book since I was 10 or so. 🙂
They even have a section for children, a great project for family’s to study together.

We all live by the astrological truth–whether we embrace it or not. Just one of those facts that was here before we were, can’t redesign it or toss it out. Once we get comfortable with it, understand, and embrace it as a much needed tool…it’s like having another degree in your education package. And…it is so much fun and comforting to know that some of the work/decisions, have already been made for us.

Do share your thoughts…for or not…

Have a magical kind of day…nature is nothing less than magic 🙂