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Monday was an early start, a long busy day.
The grounds tour and work to be finished!

Do you find faces in the most unlikely places?😎

Judy Pink, the Ivy lives on!

Round and round it goes, from the kitchen to gardens to the kitchen and back again and again!

The few months of summer that bless us with gardens filled with over-flowing fresh, clean, and yummy foods…..keeps the body in shape as a side bonus!

It may not seems so, but the veggies are slowing down. Yeah, break time? I fear not….the fruit season is right on target and will soon be soaking up my time.

The blueberry crop was good and is now over.

Figs, apples, and peaches are promising. Some from our own trees and some from an Alabama farm that grows awesome stuff!

Isoms, do you know them?
Athens, Al. 24012 US-72
The walking trail , clean and pretty.
trail     walking trail trail
Monday’s stash…seed cucumbers for next year.
Alo-vera for the skin, always before and after and outside day.

Peachs, pears, Heirloom Cooking apple, Cortland/eating apple.

peach        apple     apple apple

Waiting for the rain!?