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 potting shedsuch an awesome month, we are all so anxious to get started in the garden and mother nature is just as anxious to hold us back! I suppose because she knows her work isn’t finished to put all things in place for good and abundant growing. It can really be a lesson in patience……

There are many things we can do in April that will help move things along rapidly when we do get the final go-ahead.

We can start pre-paring our soil for planting providing it isn’t too wet….never work your soil when it’s wet, it isn’t a good thing for many reasons. This is a great time to get the weed problem under control if you have them. One good way to avoid that problem is to grow in raised beds. Another benefit is it gives your garden very good drainage.

This is a good time to lay out new locations, build beds, move plants to other locations, and do some snipping and pruning of certain things. Also time to sew seeds in transplant trays for later planting.

Another must have project is to start a compost pile if you don’t have one.
It’s never too late to do this……it’s the best fertilizer you can find anywhere,
and of course if your growing by organic methods, compost is black gold!

I think April is my favorite month in the garden….not because it’s the most beautiful time but because the options are so many……just dream it and you can do it ! 
I would love to hear from you and know what you are planning for your garden this spring.

(Do you Know:) Oregano packs 42 times more antioxidants than an apple. You can grow all you need for a family kitchen in a large pot, reasonable water/nutrients and plenty of sun.

Have an “Awesome April”………………….

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    Thank you for the information on Oregano. I will use it more often. I grow it in my garden.