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Style with belts

STYLE….new addition to The Stylish Gardener Blog…after all!  

Belts, hmmm….I’ve perfected my fall/winter wardrobe, and belts are nowhere to be found!

These are a few looks I managed in the past. With a very high waistline and a lot of driving time this year…fashionable, but uncomplicated and comfortable is my plan.
Ahhh, but enough about belts….

For excellent vintage jewelry/condition and pricing, visit my Vintage site and shop for those very special ones we love to pamper.
Fall is designed for “food!” We have to eat, we enjoy eating, so let’s make it count.
Start the season with one firm thought…Only the best/healthiest and moderation at all times.
This simple commitment will help drop pounds if that is a goal, clean-up, and clean-out the whole system, ease the frustration of “dieting” and bring a newfound joy to our food category.
**For the Membership options of The Healthy-After program, please PM me.
(website make-over has forced some changes to this program’s landing page/we are working on it.)

Check out the Recipe category along with the articles pertaining to cooking tips.
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I’m always a click away, your questions or need for more info is
encouraged and appreciated.

Blessings~stay aware, stay healthy, stay stylish…cotton or silk…make it yours alone.

Rejoicing in a fabulous fall morning at Sage Hill—-an early morning walk around the grounds left me with wet feet, a clear head, and —hungry!

Breakfast was light followed by a hot, steaming/foaming cup of Cafe au Lait coffee—so good!
A lot of Breaking News headlines this morning brings me to my own—Breaking News! You are going to love it…I hope.

I have a meeting with my long time VA after lunch, we will cross T’s and dot I’s and then —you get the “rest of the story!” (I miss Paul Harvey)
Teaser, it is going to be colorful!!
I was searching through some old Victoria magazines and came across one with pages and pages of yellow hues..I’ve been on the fence with bringing yellow into my circle of “loves.” I love it, and yet I don’t?