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My idea of stylish is …harness the personality and whatever you choose to wear works!  Just kidding…sort of!

The body shape is the top priority, know where your flaws are and seek to hide!  Seriously….

A good fit, the right shades from any color, and we each have our own set of colors.
I’m lucky, I have two…winter and spring or silver and gold…however, from these base colors I need the deep, bold/spicy shades.
Even in spring colors, pastels don’t work for me.

Always, keep in mind, Trendy is not Style. (trendy is designed for quick sales)   (style is designed to be timeless in looks and fabric)

There are good teachers/programs to help us define our best colors, shapes, and patterns.
Within these guidelines, you can shop less, save tons of money, have a sustainable wardrobe(lasting items), and have the assurance of knowing, everything in your closet is a favorite!
I once wore jeans almost on a daily basis, got away from that look, and guess what? They are back!!!!
Not daily wear as in the past, but certainly have a space in my closet for quick, easy dressing.

Some examples…I have been known to wear jeans to a black-tie affair (with a nice dinner jacket and white shirt, diamonds here and there, and those high yummy heels…why not? (my reason, I forgot my little black dress.) Stuff happens…