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f63eaf_d9f3683fc66c4f558b4888e47f7041a8_jpg_srz_630_473_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Good heart nutrition comes in more ways than eating the proper foods and conducting the proper movements….it is also that dose of energy that laughter brings, the release of a healing hug, the stress burner from a passionate kiss…and…it is knowing one has a special little shop where all things glamorous and good can be found.

For my friends in the UK that is a quaint little shop at E7 Number 8 in Forest Gate. My good friend and extended family members Andie and Jeff are the proprietor’s-talented, fun, and always ready to help you find the perfect gift…for someone else or for self….

I bet you could even get a cup of tea while you shop 🙂

Enjoy and take care of the Heart…in all ways.

That is Bliss in action~

10527278_10152719325493773_1592506287608132542_nI believe…when and if we open our mind and our heart to receiving extraordinary gifts…they will come.

The most cherished gifts to me are simple, real, and from the heart.

From my lovely friend in Franklin, TN…a little bit of Red bliss from her beautiful heart…ohhh…and I do love the gloves !

Thank you Diana Dueease <3