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Another hard rain with a semi-nasty- little- storm this Saturday afternoon!
Bringing the temps down again…Coffee on the porch was comfortable and good!


Why not, bake a cake? So I did!

Happy birthday to Jack and Randy. (May and July) Love you beyond words!

August kicks off a month of celebrations in my family.

Birthdays—- lights up the month of August—Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

Sage Hill Farms’ ground-breaking was in August of 2003. Happy birthday Sage Hill—what a journey!

Lizzy, Tommy, (deceased) Bea, Ginger, Janet & Johnny, Cody, George,(deceased) Michelle.

This cake is known as our ‘Family Cake’ I’ve been making it since my sons were 2 and 4.
The batter is Apricot/Lemon—the glaze is usually lemon but has been known to be chocolate from time to time.
Either way, it’s better than good! ( Ingredients have been manipulated to a healthier version than the original.)

Did I miss anyone?

cake    soup

face  table

November, November, a delightful array of seasonal splendor!

Marigolds, mums, and pumpkins on parade-
Leading the way to Thanksgiving Day!

Our destination…Home!
Where all the familiar faces gather to sleep deep, linger long, eat heartily, and hug with intention.

Tradition is BIG in my world, honoring yesterday, embracing the now, and praying for the future to hold the line….one more time!

Beautiful food makes us slow down and take notice.
A table with flashes of copper, glints of silver, and grandmother’s gifts…whatever they are-
Wear them, serve them, share them.

November, November, a delightful array of seasonal splendor.