Wednesday Wellness~

Wednesday Wellness
The Power Of Greens~
Eat a few or eat a lot…you will reap great benefits either way.
Most all “experts” agree that eating lots of green vegetables and fruits will lessen our chances in a big way of avoiding heart disease and many types of cancer…maybe all.
Dark leafy greens are a direct -delivery system for vitamins, minerals, and other crucial nutrients we get only from plants.
The big key to harnessing all those nutrients is how fresh the ingredients are when eaten…if we are blessed to be gardeners/farmers, straight from the soil to the table is perfection…
If…one is dependent on the outside market , know this…all good nutrients began to fade the moment they are harvested from the mother plant….if not cooked/consumed within at least twenty four
hours…sadly, they are void of any benefits worthy of note.
So…check your area within a radius you can work with…buy as fresh as you can find…work out a deal with a farmer to buy a large amount…take that home, pre-cook and freeze…you now have the next best thing …quick frozen retains all the nutrients of fresh if frozen with a few hours of harvest.
My research finds that Swiss chard, kale, turnip greens, Purple cabbage, spinach, and romaine lettuce delivers the best nutritional punch per serving.
When combined with colorful peppers, fruits and onions…anything else can only be lagniappe ! (a little extra)

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