The Secret Life of the Coneflower…echinacea….


More than a pretty addition in the flower garden…echinacea is native to the USA, where it was a staple among the Native Americans as a medicinal/healing tool.
Modern research has confirmed echinacea’s immune -boosting properties and it is extensively used as an antiviral.


The flower petals make a lovely tea, but the medicinal power is found in the root(dried and powdered) containing inulin, polysaccharides, essential oil, resin
plant sterols, and fatty acids. ( proven to increase body resistance to infection.)

Used in the treatment of colds and influenza, as well as more chronic conditions such as glandular fever or ME/post-viral fatigue. It stimulates the production of white blood sells, which fight infection, and is therefore being used as a support for HIV/AIDS.
It is best used as a commercial prepared tincture and should always be sought out and used under the supervision of a qualified herbal/Holistic practitioner.

PS: Among the other colors of the coneflower, the purple purpurea is the only one with medicinal properties.


Timeless/Gardens/Style….need for bliss….


A desire for that which brings comfort, joy, and pleasure, to our heart, mind, and surroundings…to me, is Bliss…it can be as elaborate as the Queens digs are as simple as a cup of tea and a boiled egg…with a few special elements added here and there…some thought tweaking, your favorite music or the quietness of a favorite book.

I am big on bliss from with-in…once we find that…the outer elements will find us.

Need help, need tea, need jewels, need a friend to help you clear the cob-webs….This is your lucky day…I’m available, affordable, and know the way to “Bliss.”  NO…I’m not a hooker…LOL…part of finding bliss is being able to laugh in the face of all that which works to bring us down.


Heart Health is More Than Good Nutrition~


f63eaf_d9f3683fc66c4f558b4888e47f7041a8_jpg_srz_630_473_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Good heart nutrition comes in more ways than eating the proper foods and conducting the proper movements….it is also that dose of energy that laughter brings, the release of a healing hug, the stress burner from a passionate kiss…and…it is knowing one has a special little shop where all things glamorous and good can be found.

For my friends in the UK that is a quaint little shop at E7 Number 8 in Forest Gate. My good friend and extended family members Andie and Jeff are the proprietor’s-talented, fun, and always ready to help you find the perfect gift…for someone else or for self….

I bet you could even get a cup of tea while you shop 🙂

Enjoy and take care of the Heart…in all ways.

That is Bliss in action~