Loving the promise of Autumn

There is much the herb gardener can do this late in the season to be assured of abundance in the gardens in the coming year.

One important “to know” are the herbs that will self -sow (the dropping of seed in the fall that will sprout up and make beautiful new plants the coming spring/summer).

Basil, Borage, Clary Sage, Cockscomb , Coriander, Dill, Marigold, Pot Marigold, (calendula) Parsley, and Purslane, …are the most prolific of this group.

If you live in a climate with very harsh winters…then I would suggest lightly covering your herb beds, gardens, with straw or some other medium that can be easily removed when needed. This is a method I use on all the beds at Sage Hill; protects the soil, discourages critters from digging and keeps the worst of weather from making a harsh impact.

Some seed won’t show until the new spring…but some will take root and start growing the same year they are dropped.

Don’t be surprised if the plant and /or flower from the self-seeder isn’t the same as the mother plant, they most often take on different colors and sometimes shape…does not hinder the properties.

Plants that are allowed to grow where mother nature plants them will do best…self-seeders will land in some odd places…this is the charm of the idea.

So plant where you wish to, need to, or have to…but also let some self-seeders do their natural design and you will have a signature garden to be admired.

Loving the promise of Autumn~

Autumn Promise at Sage Hill Gardens

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