Healing Power of Salt~


For years I’ve been advocating the benefits of salt in a health focused routine…if you are still using basic table-salt, please, please… Stop!!

Table salt is refined to a negative point with additives of anti-caking agents, these are the elements that cause issues in blood pressure and other health related maladies …we have so many other wonderfully-healthy salts to choose from.

A list of good choices and the benefits of each can be found on the Sage Hill Gardens website for future reference.
Salt is healing…this is documented in a plethora of ways back through the earliest of times.

These are the four I opt for and would suggest to you!

(Salts for Soaking in a Bath…)

1.. Epsom: A hydrate form of magnesium sulfate named for the mineral rich spring waters of Epsom, England.
2..Celtic Sea Salt: A brand of unprocessed salt with trace minerals; from coastal France.
3..Himalayan salt: A rock salt mined in Pakistan that sometimes has a pink tinge from iron oxide.
4..Hawaiian sea salt: Sea salt mixed with red clay containing iron oxide, color ranges from white to pink.
+ One…Baking Soda: Sodium bicarbonate; softens water and relieves minor skin irritations.

+ One…The Celtic and/or Himalayan is a perfect replacement for your table salt/food usage.

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