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I just love Sage Hill Farms! I will not purchase herbs from any other person. The tea blends are heavenly, the herbs are fresh and cared for with lots of love by the owner Bea Kunz. Bea provides top of the line customer service, with prompt delivery and herb information in every order. She continues to educate her customers though her newsletters and blog. I cannot say enough good things about Sage Hill Farms. You will not be disappointed.

Betty Lynch
Author – “Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen”

Sage Hill Farms has wonderful herbal teas, and seasonings that are such a delicious addition to some of our favorite dishes, all grown, harvested and prepared with loving and experienced hands.

We love eating seafood, and Sage Hill Farms has a delicious Fish/Seafood Blend. I sprinkle a generous amount over the top of every seafood dish I cook.

Another BIG favorite of mine is the VegetableBlend. There are certain vegetable dishes that, after steaming, are not the same if I don’t add this blend, it makes an everyday vegetable side-dish a special treat!

I have also enjoyed the Chai Tea and Lavender Cap Tea.

Which reminds me, I’m due to place an order!

Claudia L. Meydrech, CN

Sage Hill Farms is the only place to look when you want to be sure you are giving your family the very best. The spices and teas are so fragrant that you can smell them even before you open the package. Taking the extra care to use special packaging so that the freshness remains the same until the package is empty shows the concern for our family’s health. After Bea Kunz informed me of the pre-packaged herbs at the grocery and what “extra little goodies” they contain, I will never go back to store bought again.

Thanks Bea and SHF for providing a healthy and fragrant alternative.

Ginger Marks