Dining At Sage Hill-In Season~ Eggs..a’ la coupe~

Eggs… fresh, straight from the hen-house is my preference…

If that isn’t an option for you…please consider organic…the negatives in grain today makes for unhappy chickens and the result are inferior eggs. If you’ve ever compared the two…then you know…the nutritional difference is deep and wide!
Spring/early summer is also the most productive time for healthy/happy chickens…so, it makes perfect sense that eggs are a staple in the spring/early summer In Season options.
A plethora of ideas from the egg, one can cook for weeks and never repeat a recipe.

I have been making Egg bread all my life…I just recently saw a demonstration of the same recipe called Cloud bread…..

Regardless what we call it, I think we can all agree it is simple, healthy, and oh so very tasty!

If you have a garden, gather whatever is growing, tomatoes, asparagus, peppers, parsley, spring onions and a few sprigs of your favorite flavor herb…basil, oregano, or thyme are my favorites.

Slice, dice, chop…whatever the item calls for…place in small bowl and drizzle no more than a teaspoon of grape-seed oil or real butter.

Sprinkle with a small amount of cayenne pepper or your favorite blend…I use the Sage Hill Cajun blend for almost everything!!

Heat a flat griddle pan, lightly cook all the ingredients you have chosen….break 2 to 4 eggs into the mix, flip a few times until desired doneness is achieved…

For my Egg bread…separate 3 eggs, beat the whites until fluffy, add 1/4 teaspoon- cream of tarter and whip into the whites, add the beaten yolk to the whites and fold in until blended…add a dash of sea salt and drop by scoops onto the hot griddle pan and cook until light browning begins…flipping once or twice. ( or bake in oven on parchment paper at 300 degrees until lightly brown.) You can also add 3 Tbsp of cream cheese if you want a little smoother texture.

Add your favorite beverage and small amount of honey blended into some real butter for the bread….

Breakfast, brunch or dinner….in style!

Farm To Table ….every day and Sunday too~


Understand I’m not complaining…actually very grateful to see the movement taking on more steam…However…I was doing the Farm To Table extravaganzas before they were so….”the thing.” 

I hope you will enjoy this new addition to The Stylish Gardener blog….check in often, new photo’s, tips, table-scapes,recipes, garden lore…basically all things “food” will be shared at least twice a week…the new addition will post on Facebook only as a link to the blog…

If you enjoy my website/blogs…please bookmark them and visit often…you’ll find a plethora of information on many topics, history, alternative options for better health, gardening tips, and recipes!!

We really don’t have to give up tasty food to eat healthy….

Fresh, whole and safe foods are as gourmet as it comes…

Welcome to the Table at Sage Hill~


Southern Women~

Southern Women

Life today is and must be a mix of modern convenience and old
fashioned simplicity…for me!
My goal is to live stylishly in the midst of all this….
A simple life, with simple style, simple pleasures, simple comfort.

Because I’m a seasoned ‘Southern Woman,’ we know it’s OK to wear roses in our hair when we garden!!
To have dirt on our feet at the end of the day…and a smile on our face
to know we did it our way~

Only in the South~


Will you find happy hour devoted to ‘pie!

Well, in Hutto,Texas that is a fact….

Here at Sage Hill ‘Happy Hour” is devoted to Bliss!

Today’s lifestyle, regardless what that might be…is stressful…outside forces creep in regardless how isolated we try to be.
Whatever your cutoff time happens to be…really cut-off, unplug, dial down, check out…except for those things that bring you peace, calm, contentment… or…those things that feed your passion, ignite your thoughts and sparks your energy.
Bliss is not defined by perfect solutions….rather by solutions that leave us feeling accomplished, pleased, satisfied, and connected…either to self, another, or our creator….bliss unleashed is all three of those.

A Month Of Enchantment~ #4


Sinking your head into a soft pillow at the crack of dawn…hoping they will all go away….the males of the bird kingdom who gather around the windows and sing those good morning tunes.
This refrain may start at different times depending on light, but the species enter the chorus in the same order every morning.

A birds voice box is a double-membraned organ called a syrinx. He can alternate exhaling between the two lungs and harmonize with himself.

Now that is an impressive feat bound to attract attention from the opposite sex, and that my friend is the main purpose and goal of all those wake-up bird songs so early in the morning…

International Dawn Chorus Day is the first Sunday in May….

Tune in….

A Month Of Enchantments #3

Enchantment #3

Rituals Of The Common Kind~

Come spring, we feel the urge to brighten every corner, as to prepare for a favorite guest. Roll up our sleeve, polish and dust…just as generations have done before us….our personal “welcome back” to the sun, the song of the birds, ring of the chimes…..

A Month Of Enchantments~#2

Singing Cricket in the rosemary at Sage Hill

And this is the sun’s birthday; this is the birth day of life and love and wings…”  … C.C.Cummings

“The Passionate Observer” written by the 19th-century entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre. His lyrical writings on insects is filled with delightful words and tender watercolors….It was republished at some point by Chronicle Books…if you can find it, it’s a must have.

“The Italian cricket, he notes, “makes music everywhere among the rosemary-bushes, while the Glow-worms light up their blue lamps to complete the revels.”


A Month Of Enchantments~

A Month of Enchantment!

In the “Mending Wall,” Robert Frost wrote, “Spring is the mischief in me.”….I think I identify with Robert Frost. Spring wakes me up from a wintery lullaby and jolts me into a never-ending dance of color, scents, and the many creative moods of a new dawning.

Will you join me in a creative month of surprises?