Surviving Winter-The Stylish Gardener Way

While the winter break from gardening task is a welcomed relief…for about three days!  Then the shock sets in…I’m free and do I really want to be?? Soooo…we buckle up, prepare for landing, and survive!

There are all those fabulous books to be re-read, notes to translated and penned to proper places, new recipes to be tested, family and friends to visit and pamper, and…the freedom to curl up at any time of choice and let the world pass by in a day-dream…if you see one you really like, pluck it out and explore the possibilities.

Some of my favorite winter moments….Family time
Anytime snow!

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December Gardens

A beautiful, peaceful, healing garden does not have to be in the dirt.

For dedicated gardeners, earth stewards, and anyone with a true connection to nature….a lovely garden can grow in the mind….and our surroundings…
As the days grow longer and the cold grows stronger….conifers, holly, pine-cones, magnolia gifts and winter-berries bring seasonal cheer that feel as good as shoots of green in the spring beds.
Seed pod-southern magnolia

Secrets of the Magnolia

southern magnoliaseed pod-southern magnolia

The Southern Magnolia is what we know best…pure beauty and charm from the
bark to the pod….each season has its own special offering….spring and summer, amid the dark glossy leaves one can find tiny firmly packed buds that gracefully open into dinner plate size flowers. Nothing, compares to the fragrance of the Southern Magnolia flower.

However, there are many other species of the Magnolia and many other names for them all….Beaver Tree, Holly Bay, Hou Po, Indian Bark, and others…

Magnolia also has a medicinal side…the flower and bark are used to make medicine. Some of the ills the extract is used to treat are…anxiety, depression, stress, stroke, and asthma…among others.

In skin care products, Magnolia is used as a skin whitener.

The chemical found in the bark is honokiol…this is what makes it medicinal.

While the flowers are exquisite…the seed pods get my attention, and if one looks closely at the bark……seems to be a story written in some far away language.

Magnolia seems to have anxiety-reducing activity in animals.

All research on magnolia has been in laboratories.

The Stylish Gardner…more than a look~


The Stylish Gardner is more about a feeling than a look…
it’s about being aware, living with purpose, passion, and intention.
It’s about feeling good, so we do look good…
It’s about having a reserve of energy and enthusiasm…
It’s about finding alternative means to fix small and large issues with out prescription and/or over OTC drugs…

Now we all know the lines drawn between controlled medicine and natures medicine….So…this is where I say, because I must if I wish to keep my neck out of the noose! But also because it makes sense and will in the long-run will save you time and money.
Disclaimer…If you are sick…seek the advice of a qualified health-care provider.

The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey…this is a small book by Holly Lucille, ND,RN….she is a nationally recognized and licensed practicing naturopathic doctor, natural products consultant and television & radio host.
An acclaimed expert in the field of Integrative medicine. Dr. Holly lectures throughout the nation on a variety of natural health topics.
This book will help you address pain of injuries, sprains, strains, bruising, wounds of all kind, back and joint pain…from old or more recent damage.

It can be found in any good Health Food shop or larger book stores.
The product can be found on many online sites…be very cautious who you purchase from…A good product should be between 14 and 20 dollars for a 2.6 oz tube…maybe a little less…too cheap, look carefully at the ingredients.

(From a report given to me by a doctor I use and trust.)
Symphytum is the homeopathic remedy prepared from the common hedgerow plant…comfrey.Taken orally in its homeopathically prepared and diluted form has a strong reputation for helping to heal fractures, especially those that are slow and difficult to unite.
What is less well known is that Symphytum can also help torn muscles,tendons,and ligaments that are slow to heal…it simply promotes “fusion.”
Works greatly to promote healing in Achilles tendons and meniscus damage and  collateral ligament tears in the knee..
Also works for vertebral fractures/degeneration of the spine, and for trauma or blows to the eyeball and eye socket.


Boiron Labs is the world leader for Homeopathic products.

My go to for many hard to find products are the Orbit Health Food Shops…
One in Goodlettsville, Tn….One in Mount Juliet, Tn.

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Food As Art~

Food As Art

Artful Food

Most famous works of art from nature, tend to be flowers…

Why not vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds…..for some reason that escapes me…food is something we take for granted…spending little to no time admiring the form, the characteristics, or the history.

A Rembrandt from my garden gallery~

Blooms No More~

Blooms No More~

The time is near…summer blooms will begin to fade, late summer early fall colors will take their place in colorful shrubs, trees and grasses.

Utilize the last of the floral beauty by mixing with grass blades, wild branches of green or color…from what is easily available…fill your surroundings with the last of the blooms.

Nothing say’s welcome like fresh nature!

Poison to Obsession~

tomato sandwichtomato sandwichtomato sandwich

Americans may be in love with tomatoes today, but history shows us that the relationship got off to a rocky start.

During Colonial Times, we wouldn’t put a tomato near our mouths, let alone try to eat one. Folklore had it that if you ate a tomato, its poison would turn your blood into acid. Instead, the colonists grew tomatoes purely for decoration.

Great history of the tomato here, it’s a lot!!

History of Tomatoes


My brother and I just had a long conversation about…what else..Tomatoes!!

Today I celebrated the first tomato to ripen in the Sage Hill garden…this year..

That may not be exciting to some, but I’ve had a love affair with these “fruits” since I was a wee lass of 8/9 years old…my mother would save biscuits from breakfast, after school I would take one and head for the tomato patch..( we had a big tomato patch! Sitting in the sun, in the dirt, that was my after school snack!
So now you understand what this sandwich did for me today…brought back a flood of memories and helped we welcome the first day of the Summer Solstice,

It’s going to be a fabulous one!!! Lots more tomatoes to come…
In case you would like to duplicate…

Choice of bread…I like an organic multi grain ( sourdough is good also)
(1) slice of Pepper-jack cheese ( place under broiler and slightly melt
Sliced spring onions-blades too
Thick slice the tomato
A sprinkling of fresh dill weed
Layer, a little sea salt and fresh ground black pepper

I add lettuce and sweet pickles to the side…you may layer them on the sandwich if you like.
You may also add Mayo…I use the cheese to replace the mayo.

Michael Pink…you were in my thoughts while happily consuming every bite!!

Bon Appetite ~

PS: Be aware, every part of the tomato plant except the fruit is toxic to humans and animals.